Episode 5: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Chris Vasileiou

Welcome back!

As I said last week, the Flatmattersonline exclusive clips are building really well. When I started these clips back up in January whilst I was out in SF with Pete Brandt, I was honestly thinking I would get a couple of clips in, and there would be a dry patch with some weeks without content. So far, touch wood, I am five weeks into doing these exclusives again with no missed weeks at all!

These clips are for you, to document share and progress is all about motivating not only yourself, but those around you. Chris Vasileiou, like fellow Greek shredder, George Manos came through with a clip without being asked. These clips are really motivating me, and I hope you at home are getting something out of them. Chris looks like he’s riding at home, such a crazy looking spot to have, and the line he does looks like it’s over when he gets the the front scuff vadar move and then it switches back to frame stand tomahawk, via a move that was called a Scarlo Squeak back in the day.

Thanks to Chris for stepping up for episode 5, who’s got the next clip? Same time next week, or have I jinxed it and there will be a quiet week…..

18 thoughts on “Episode 5: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Chris Vasileiou

  1. What a great link. The ‘tomahawk ‘ or as it was called , a framestand fork wheelie, l think, when SO Cal rider Jason Parkes was seen in Freestylin has survived up until now. It shows certain positions are here to stay. Thank you

    • Thank you Tristan Carver! It really means to me when my riding means so much to any audience! I really stick to my principles and don’t follow trends and this is the result! Really glad you have understood that and you fancy it!

  2. Great attitude Chris as l’ve also never been a follower in not just riding, but in life to. Keep up this great to watch riding.

  3. Recorded this , like a lot of edits from this site, on my FLIP phone , watching it ALOT going to and from work ,haha…..and bruuuuuuuuuuv…. this combo is sllllllaaaaaaaammmed !! Ya REALLY out did yourself , Chris , TIMES 7……Ive been a fan since THAT B.I.T.R. entry combo , from a few years back. THAT combo , being my first time seeing you shred. This link reminds me of Dan Rigbys, from the video 5 COMBOS because of 2 reasons . Like Rigby ……YOU , Chris are banging out your OWN flavor, just flowing like NIAGRA FALLS , throughout it……AND second like Rigbys line…….your line just keeps getting better and better , as the link continues ! When you furiously turbined that pedal five / kick forward move , stepping over STILL on the pedal to freak squeak , stepping up to the frame , switching your hands / turning around to that FRAME stance tomahawk ……I GOT STOKED ! Again , salud , Chris , even working selflessly, hard in the MEDICAL FIELD …….youre STILL pushing your riding / flavor to it limit …..and past it !! I seriously cant friggin believe just how wild these progression exclusives are getting , gets MORE mental EVERY week . Hell , mine is already finished ……however it aint sh-t compared to the madness Ive been seeing EVERY week on here …THIS is one of the most dope exclusives yet ! Gracias , Chris …..ALSO loving the smooooooooth as glass turbined side packers , and the fire haul , whopper hop exit to SEAL THE DEAL , of this already HEAVY / RIFFED OUT combo ! Thanks , E…….Im loving these exclusives every week , mate !

    • Rodney, I really appreciate your honesty and observational comments! It gets harder for me as years pass to combine Medicine with my love for Flatland but I feel like a soldier everyday on my bike… This is my way of refueling my batteries, expressing my deepest feelings and living in general… Flatland is running in my blood and I try to give back to it even a small piece what it has offered me over the years… I also enjoy and appreciate many riders worldwide and respect evey flatland rider on earth and beyond… Keep shredding my friend! Thanks for the nice words and stay safe! Peace worldwide…!

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