Gerald Peck – End Of Summer 2018

Always great to see the face and riding of people behind the computer screen that regularly follow Flatmattersonline. And today, New Years Day 2019, Gerald Peck hit me up with his end of summer edit that was filmed over two days in back in September and October. Keep on shredding Gerald!

2 thoughts on “Gerald Peck – End Of Summer 2018

  1. RAD ! Was just thinking about this dudes riding last week . Finally juuuuuuuust got the chance to watch some of this . Good variety of tricks / combos , executed with smoooooth style . Congrats Gerald on a rad edit ! Pumping double foot rocket , carved to the time machine , among other things was one of my favorites in your edit , campeon !!

  2. Wow thank You Rodney!!!Actually as I was doing any mega spins and stuff I was remembering what you said and it kept me stoked.No lie man.Thanks again.I am ready to really ride hard and post more video now that I got the basic hang of it.Peace

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