Lee Musselwhite on Kawasaki!


Lee Musselwhite just dropped in some sponsorship news, he just signed for Kawasaki and also has few other deals that he will announce shortly:

“Really pleased to announce i’m now sponsored by Kawasaki, it’s amazing to have a huge motorbike company like them sponsoring me, and can see the value in supporting a BMX rider. Most people who now ride Motorbikes will have stated on a normal bike this link bridges the gap for the next generation and I’m really happy to be an ambassador for them”

8 thoughts on “Lee Musselwhite on Kawasaki!

  1. There are deep roots with kawasaki and bmx, I would love to know what the deal involves and if we the riders will benefit from it. props to lee anyhow its good to see any company thats interested in Flat/bmx.
    Fishbone and now kawasaki who the F*** would have thought.

  2. Cool deal. I’m looking forward to seeing the promo edits. After seeing the 24″, 26″ and Rockr edits, wondering if anyone is going to trick on motorcycles.

    • Already done for longtime, on the airs and on flatground (check motorcycle stunt riding on wikipedia and youtube) even if the definition of these tricks/stunts is something people can desagree on.

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