Martti Kuoppa wins UK Flatland Championships!


Martti Kuoppa returned to the contest scene with bang yesterday, taking the top spot in qualifying and finals yesterday at the UK Flatland Championships at the Birmingham NEC Cycle Show, closely followed on the podium by Matthias Dandois and Alex Jumelin. Great atmosphere all weekend at the event, I will be posting a repo at some point this week to go into a lot more detail. Big respect to Matti Hemmings for putting the event on, proud to be a part of it! UK Flatland back with a bang for sure. Good times, congratulations to everyone involved! Level Vibes next up here in the UK, 22nd November, not to be missed!

1- Martti Kuoppa
2- Matthias Dandois
3- Alex Jumelin
4- James White
5- Keelan Phillips
6- Josh Briars
7- Steve Green
8= Aran Gillian
Dino Jeffers
10-Jason Forde
11-Bodean Maarsen

11 thoughts on “Martti Kuoppa wins UK Flatland Championships!

  1. Really good feeling reading about Martti taking a top finish again! Congrats to him and all the other riders… looks like it was a hell of an event with a top shelf pro class.

  2. Flip a guy off at Real City Spin and he comes back to beat you at the UK Flatland Championship! I’m sorry, but that’s Karma all over Matthias’s face! Good on you Martti!! The Boss is Back! Congrats man! So good to see you back riding in some comps again!

  3. Just to share my feelings about the weekend at UK championships: First place sure feels good but if I really be honest deep down there I haven´t had such good time with riding since long time when I was freestyling with Alex and Matthias during the practice time! So that actually counts more for me than winning a competition. Sharing.
    That reminded me of the roots of freestyle flatland and I will make my best to bring this back to flatland. Both Alex and Matthias are great freestylers and flatland needs that so let´s all give a minute for thinking about the true spirit of flatland and how beautiful it can be. I felt connected to flatland again and that is what counts for me, over any results.

  4. It sure was Martti! One of the best jam ever with you and Alex!
    Thanks for bringing positive vibes with you and let’s keep on doing this at the next events! Having you back on the scene is so awesome!
    Also thanks to Matti and Effraim for putting on a sick event!
    Cheers from Viki and I from Heathrow, we are stuck at the airport hahah
    Much love,

  5. What a weekend the feedback has been awesome about UK Championships. The atmosphere over the two days for this event from all the riders has been amazing. Highlights for me as a organiser would have to be seeing all the riders busting out and having a laugh that’s best feeling seeing guys like Alex, Matthias and Martti bring good vibes with the Freestyle session and all the riders getting along that brings a specials bond within the Flatland community progression the sport and showing there is no limits taking the serious side away and just inspiring each other to push boundaries and get along doing it. I’m stoked on Effraim teaming up with me on this project it shows working together can bring good vibes and a sick event together than working ageist the elements on your own. Thank you to everyone that came out to support UK Champs without it could’nt have gone the way it did! UK is back on track see you at Level Vibes 22nd November…

    • @Brian – I don’t think so, lucky enough to have been there just to enjoy that and also their game of bike. Beautiful moments that happen like that off the cuff are so good to see!

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