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The Dennis Enarson Unclicked podcast is gaining momentum, and each week I look forward to a new episode. Whilst Matthias was over in San Diego recently, he dropped into the Unclicked Studio with his girlfriend, Constance to discuss his life, travelling, modelling, moving to New York, and a whole lot more. Really enjoyed this one, and I am sure you will do to. Hit the link below…

5 thoughts on “Matthias Dandois Unclicked Podcast

  1. Awesome podcast.

    Dandois was asked which country has the biggest flat scene he said Japan and France.
    Anyone else think nobody talks about how big the Brazilian scene is?

    In my opinion the top flatland countries (with the most riders) are..
    1 Japan
    2 France
    3 Brazil
    4 USA
    5 UK
    6 Spain

    Anyone else agree or have another sort order?

  2. Modern Flatland? Ok Ill bite:

    Czech Republic

    When he was talking about haters in competition reminded of Trevor Meyer in 95 96. But Trevor was always marked down for originality. I don’t think any one hates on Matthias for being so good, I think people hate on him for seemingly always doing the same run, regardless of higher level.

    I don’t hate on him, could possibly be the closest to Rodney Mullen on a bmx bike.
    And always been amazed by how quick he can warm up and kill it. Show up, jump up and down a little, jog in place, a few warm up runs and allez!


  3. Could the hate possibly be jealousy?? I know what you mean about Trevor Meyer, heard the talk but don’t know the people. Successful people unfortunately, fortunately can be they’re own worst enemies. Back in the day a rider here was getting good fast, & he said, it’s as if they don’t want to know or see the riders that’d been around awhile & he sounded disappointed.

  4. Hate Matthias or not, but what he’s brought to flat is ‘exposure’ & influence, & for that I respect him.

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