13 thoughts on “Michael Steingraeber – Longest Nose Manual ever!? World Record on a BMX Bike!?

  1. Well, I counted 31 seconds on that ross NW. So looks like he’s got em beat!

    I think the amount of time, not length, is the more important aspect in measuring ‘longest’ nose manual.

  2. I tried to count Ross’s distance in terms of parking stalls but it was difficult given the camera angle. It looks like his is between 38 and 40 stalls.

  3. It would be interesting to see if Ross did have more room, just how far he could go. The funny thing is, he never practices this trick! We asked him to try it for the camera that day and got that super long nose wheelie after just a couple of takes. Major props to both Ross and Mike S. It takes a lot of bike control to coast that trick as long as both of them did.

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