More kog round 2 battles (Morinaga vs Viki, Expert class edit

Bmxboze edit of the ams, unreal stuff these ams are busting!!!!

5 thoughts on “More kog round 2 battles (Morinaga vs Viki, Expert class edit

  1. I love watching the am stuff from japan, for the most part you don't know who's who's and what they are going to do, the standard there is amazing…. Keisuke could have got top 5 in pro…

  2. Jumplash guy on the green bike is my new hero. It was so smooth I didn't realize they were jumplashes at first.

    Japan ams man – can't get enough of em.

  3. yeah the green bike jumplash guy rules and the mad mc circle guy after him incredible speed this dudes are all sick and these are the am's the standard over there is amazing everyone is so damm good.

  4. And its going to be even crazier next year, when Moto Sasaki is riding in am!!! I posted this in one of the KOG threads so scroll down on the side menu, if you want to read this news…

  5. My goodness…
    Completely mental.
    The Ams have such fresh ideas.
    Mtsuura riding was V interesting. Loads of control! (Nevermind about the set-up tho ;))

    Big ups to BMXBOZE!!!

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