Must Watch! Benjamin Hudson – Far East Cycles

Few are blessed with the talent and grace Benjamin Hudson ouses in abundance when he rides. Sit back and enjoy this new edit for Far East Cycles filmed at next to the Amusement Park he currently works for in Beijing, China. I’m still rewinding the xft crackpacker line at 2:00 over and over! This is motivating to watch, grab a cuppa and enjoy Benjamin doing his thing!

17 thoughts on “Must Watch! Benjamin Hudson – Far East Cycles

    • @Stephan – Thanks! Just the way he moves around the bike is motivating to watch! Such an incredible talent, and theres more in the bag than what he’s showing here.

  1. Don’t know any words that trump smooth and effortless but, if I did, I would be using them now. And, for someone who doesn’t normally listen to that type of music, I thought the song complimented the riding very nicely! Good application of the “Must Watch”tag!!!!

  2. So smooth, he has such a natural, effortless flow. Also very cool to see someone who was primarily a front wheel guy taking it to the back wheel. He’s gonna be on par with Viki & Matthias in that area in the future. Killer stuff!!

  3. seems to just breeze through such hard combos!!
    and new stuff all the time, every video is completely refreshing!!!

  4. So amazing! He makes it look so easy. This edit makes me want to ride and push it harder, best complement a fellow rider can give. Thank You!

  5. The way he kicks that kettle around no handed , catches the seat DIRECTLY to step over to cross crack , switches hands to that cross ele roll , switches feet , LIKE HES MAKING A SANDWICH , to side pack ??!!!!!! I was already like , WHAT ?? In my mind I was like if he repeats that again , THEN switch hand , foot steam – bar yank – pull through roll , DIRECTLY to step over cross crack again ?! again !? again ?????!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIRECTLY to bike varial – untwist – hang ten pivot , cobain roll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude even has that Todd Carter effortless style also in his riding !!!!!!!!!! This kid is such a WEAPON its not funny !!!!!!!!! Even got the cross walk in there !!! shout out to James McGraw by the way ! I remember he was in San Anto riding with bobby Burge and I couldn’t go , had to wake up at 4 a.m for work one day , man I wish I would of just went and seshed with them ! Im about to go sesh right now , like Mark said this edit has me hyped to go ride !!!!!!!!!!! Benjamin, you RIP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Theres not too much flatlanders agree on, but we all seem to agree about the way Benjamin moves around the bike, and its motivating as hell to see him ride. Thats enough right there! I wanted to add one thing, I think Benjamin is right there knocking on the door, he could take the biggest contest of the year if he rides well.

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