Must Watch! Mateus Beckmann 2014 – Crank: FATAL BLOW “INSIDE OUT GARAGE”

Whilst I’m not a fan of riders riding without chainring/chain, the 2013 Flatmatters Online Rider of the Year delivers yet again is serious progression. The rolling lawnmower stall to cross handed one handed backside decade at 5:33 had me hitting the rewind. Is that a backwards decade one handed brakeless? Whatever it is, Mateus continues to progress at an amazing rate!

* Mateus has problems with his freecoaster (ref: chain/chainring comment), surely with all the companies making freecoasters nowadays. One of those companies can hook this amazing talent up?!

23 thoughts on “Must Watch! Mateus Beckmann 2014 – Crank: FATAL BLOW “INSIDE OUT GARAGE”

  1. Unreal talent – it’s like he’s unlocked the code to mastering flatland., so early on too.
    He makes it look such effortless fun!
    He won’t burn out neither with this approach.

    He’s probably got his reasons, but it’s probably harder to do the half them tricks without the drive chain intact..

  2. NO, (although brakeless) @5:33 this is not a backwards decade one handed brakeless. You know what a backwards decade is. This is a variation of a decade that a Japanese rider did-I do not know what he calls it….More like a side-decade. 😉

    • @scott – quite correct, i posted this video very quickly, without a rewatch, and merely asked the question whilst trying to describe it. What actually happens after many a review – lawnmower stall bars xed as he jumps and twists his body mid decade one handed his body moves as he lands backwards. The difference from Ikeda’s decade variation is Mateus isn’t holding the headtube, he twists the body mid decade, and the bar moves half bar, not full rotation. 24 hours on, I still have no real name for it. So Mateus should prob make one, and Im sure we all agree one thing. This is incredible! *And prob won’t be long till he does a brakeless backwards decade.

  3. I’m jealous of that dork wheel whip to wheelie.
    Also, that roll back 180 whip to wheelie without cranks seems impossible! I always thought you needed the cranks for the hop. So awesome Mateus!

  4. Those links are super hard and he`s pushing his own style into flatland with progress , doing his own thing and not being a copy cat rider . Keep of the Great Work !! A break out Edit is what we are looking forward to .

  5. @burd Yes, Mateus is one of the riders I had in mind that made it to the century club last year. Depending on what’s new for him, it looks like he is on his way for 2014 too. Which is amazing and awesome that he has the drive to push for that type of accomplishment! Hats off!
    @E Yes, he should make a name up for this…it is different enough and warrants a label to distinguish what it is. Backwards decade is a different skill set than regular. like bar ride/backwards bar ride–just because you can do one, does not mean you can do the other. He might, but I don’t believe will do that anytime soon. Now the question is, with guys in striking range, should I put that footage out!? lol

  6. Scott I can do candy bar backwards decade’s, rollaid to pedal 😉
    Have’t show it yet though, be interesting to see your version of a backwards decade i’v toyed with them a fair bit stupid hard.

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