Must Watch! Simon O’Brien ESPN interview

Stewart Munro shot this video for ESPN with Australia’s Simon O’Brien, that you do not want to miss. In the above video Simon discusses his progression through flatland taking a look at previous video part clips, his recent trip to the Red Bull COB in Japan, and where he’s at right now with his flatland riding. Video by Stewart Munro. I feel like we have been spoilt with dope videos this Christmas!

13 thoughts on “Must Watch! Simon O’Brien ESPN interview

  1. This is a real treat, I could watch Simon footage all day long.

    Simon’s the real deal, one hell of a guy to look up to on the bike and off it. Definitely one of the top 5 most capable riders ever, I have a feeling people tend to forget that since he’s been below the radar for awhile but he has put out so much amazing riding over the years that it’s hard to comprehend.

  2. This guy is as damn near to a superhero as anyone could get to me. Awe inspiring to say the least. When I get shitty about bmx I go watch a Simon clip to clear it up real fast.

  3. Such a humble dude…. great seeing the old clips too, simons always had bangers

    the thing i love about riding in OZ is them birds in the background….ohh yeah

  4. great intervieew, and you touched some important subjects! always enjoyed your riding!keep it up, never doubt yourself! Looking forward to the edits! cheers

  5. Definitely Pete. Simon’s part in Flatsphere is the best video part ever. It has the ultimate back wheel combo in it. Nobody can touch it.

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