Must Watch! Unkut X Alex Jumelin

UNKUT X ALEX JUMELIN from alex jumelin on Vimeo.

A nice treat for you all! You definitely don’t want to miss this hot new edit from Alex Jumelin for his new sponsor Unkut. This edit ticks all the boxes as a modern day pro rider, great production/filming, new tricks (love the Pedal G-Roll line at 2:08, but theres so much more), lifestyle shots with product placement for the sponsors. Alex continues to push his personal riding at an amazing rate, enjoy this one!

21 thoughts on “Must Watch! Unkut X Alex Jumelin

  1. I agree with Scott; it’s evident that so much went in to this edit.

    Really glad to see edits with production levels on par with the difficulty of the riding. Everything matched together and flowed really well. This comes across as a piece of art, and an amazing promotional piece for Unkut.

    Enjoy your euro trip with the family, and looking forward to seeing you ride at Voodoo!

  2. Grew up riding in New Orleans by the Tulane and behind the Audubon Zoo. Never gets old seeing images of anyone riding in the city, let alone doing it at this amazing level. I can remember about four of us riding in the uptown area and just dying to see anything bmx related. Really amazing stuff!

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