Peter Miklosi – Zürich Override

I am still playing catch up after my two week trip to China, and the next video up deserves a watch for sure. Peter Miklosi teamed up with fellow Hungarian shredder, Olivér Kállai to bring us this really well filmed “Zurich Override”. Peter now lives in Zurich and rides regularly with Dan Hennig, and has made a ton of progression as this edit shows. Peter kills the Brakeless smith decades and xft halfpacker/crackpacker lines in this one, really enjoyed this and I am sure you will do too.

7 thoughts on “Peter Miklosi – Zürich Override

  1. Wow, this is super nice! The video has a very good atmosphere and makes wanna ride!
    Peter, there are so many tricks that I have not seen from you so far. Big respect! Your style evolves more and more. Props!

  2. Spinning crack packer ,bar flip / LEEEAP OUT to a cross ankle death to smith @ 1.12 MINUTES !! Cant recall , I could be wrong , but……don’t think Ive ever seen ANYONE do THIS switch , line …sans BRAKES !! Immediately caught my attention right away , haha….as this entire edit did / does . Damn , hes progressed LOOOAADS , haha. This was cool , man ! Add the x-leg tea kettle , crack packers , side / half packer , just like Big-E stated…….AND …LEGIT brakeless Fajita decades , SHOUT OUT , Ruben Castillo ……and you get one hell of a dope edit !! Again , really dug / dig Peters progression . THIS was sweet as a bowl of fruit loops @ 2.00 A.M. , watching the Dorkin In York bmx / d.v.d. box set , STRAIGHT through , haha. Props , Peter !

  3. Great progress Peter! my favourite ones spinning crackpacker barflip into halflash and spinning crackpacker pivot into cyborg!Keep it up!

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