“Moon Babes of Bicycle City” video contest

It’s video contest time!

Joe Cicman just dropped a tight teaser with some great lines to get you pumped for this video contest, information below.

“Moon Babes of Bicycle City” – the latest novel from Mike Daily of Aggro Rag ‘zine fame is sponsoring a video contest open to everyone across the planet.

Contest Details:
1) Film an edit in 1 day
2) Post to YouTube
3) Share on FB and tag Mike Daily

Most-intriguing video wins a copy of the “Moon Babes of Bicycle City” novel.

Deadline for submissions is December 13, 2019, get filming and have fun with it!

4 thoughts on ““Moon Babes of Bicycle City” video contest

  1. I was literally juuuuuuuuuust wondering , kinda fiending to see some fresh footage from THIS rolling combos guru whose lines just oooozzzzzzee ORIGINALITY ! Im 9999.9 % a scuffer , when it comes to my riding ,haha…….so Im stoked / drawn to always watching crazy difficult ROLLING lines from riders like THIS cat …..right HERE ! Superb ROLLING skills , tricks , variations are SO hard to learn , for real . Took me from the 12th grade till like , ummmmm…..late 2014 , just to be able to dial a regular crack packer …and I still scuff into / outta it , like its 1990 , hahaha. Cicman RULES with these links , so much technical difficulty on a whole other level ! His crack packer JUMP to double foot back yard roll…….SLLLAAAAAAAMMMMED DOWN , bruv , AND hes friggin doing the transfer JUST holding the SEAT , catches rear pegs…as the BARS are SPINNING for STYLE points !! To REALLY shut down da place / combo…….he throws in the NO handed ant rider coast to NO handed unwind……..AND dips down rolls that back yard roll with his HAND gripping his peg !!! Yeah , some 2027 type flatland riding here……..just like the song say ….right when this WILD -STYLE link starts @ 1.52 minutes…….DROP IT !! Joe did just THAT in this promo ….that was more like a PROGRESSION edit , hahaha . Cicman rules , and I ll definitely join in this to show support to him and bmx team member Mike Daily of the FAMED …Plywood Hoods bmx crew , hailing from the bmx flatland MECCA…….York Pennsylvania !

  2. Gracias , Big-E !!! Im looking forward to this ,also !!! VIVA …..PLYWOOD HOODS bmx crew , 1985 …till……TODAY ! George , YOU should MOST definitely get in on THIS !! Futuristic STYLZ , sans …brakes AND pegs !!!

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