Rob Ridge – Ride on Interview

Neil Waddington over at Ride on BMX has been dropping some gems recently, and just published his first interview with one of my biggest inspirations growing up on a BMX bike, Rob Ridge! This is pure gold! Here’s what Neil had to say:

“So here it is. The first ever Ride On interview with the legend that is Rob Ridge!
In part 1 of this interview I spoke to Rob Ridge about his riding through the 80’s, 90’s and today. We chatted about breaking bikes, competition riding, 90’s fashion police and the changing trends in BMX.
Part 2 will follow soon where I talk to Rob more about his take on riding in his 40’s.”

6 thoughts on “Rob Ridge – Ride on Interview

  1. Yes Sir,really great to hear another riders view, much respect for you,and this edit,so much talent and skill,you have Rob Ridge

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