Takahiro Ikeda: Guinness World Records / BMX fastest Spin

“The most BMX one-handed time machines in 30 seconds is 45, achieved by Takahiro Ikeda (Japan) at Oasispark, JAPAN.”

* Editors note: I would call this a lung spin, nevertheless, who has more than 45 circles in 30 seconds, that’s going to be tough to beat.

2 thoughts on “Takahiro Ikeda: Guinness World Records / BMX fastest Spin

  1. Always loved this guys style / riding ! Been watching some of his stuff online , the last couple months, here and there . Ikeda RIPS ! I still remember the Flatland Voodoo Jam , 2015 or 2017 …for the best trick jam / contest , before the finals…..he stunned EVERYONE in the entire venue , just SLLLLAAAAMMMMING DOWN his spinning , pedaling with his arms between his legs , crouched waaaaaay down low , rear peg like 4 INCHES from grazing the floor , super wild looking ice cream variation. Think he calls it the Bug Machine ?? This WORLD RECORD of his is I believe his second or third one. That’s really rad, TIMES 7 , right there ! Damn , I dig his lines ! All of em have SUPER FAST , AGGRO , LIGHTNING SPEED , mixed with TECHNICAL aspects . I know hes been ruling for years , but it wasn’t until around …..ummmmmm , 2008ish , that I had finally caught some of his riding . Been a fan ever since . He made the finals in Helsinki Finland , for Martti Kuoppas FIRST Ground Tactics online competition for GOOD reason . He had to go through , I think like 3 rounds to make the finals in Helsinki . At the time , in my opinion , what he was bringing to the table was really unique , the way he was putting together his spinning variations and links ………kinda reminds me how Sean Peters had hit the flatland scene , back in mid 1993 with all of his unique twist on fast spinning combos … Takahiro , Geoff Martin , Donko , etc , etc…….they all had that something EXTRA with all of their spinning styles ,that I think was so good for flatland in general !

  2. I was thinking Ikeda was gonna kinda wind up , to gain the speed for his Lung spin , using a couple mega spins………NOPE ! He just picked up DIRECTLY into it !!! Pretty friggin cool , if ya ask me ! That TINY little space he had to do it in……..just SHOWS ya right there , how ON LOCK he has his style of riding . This really make my morning ! Theres a video of Ikeda performing a duet with a ballet athlete , for the Cirque Du Solei that Joe Cicman shared / posted on Facebook about 8 months ago or so ……Its AWESOME , man ! Takiro and the ballet athlete are like, BUSTING OUT their tricks / moves , taking turns , feeding off each others energy and vibe . Kinda reminds me of the T.V. show DANCING WITH THE STARS , that’s BEEN a HUGE hit on T.V. , since like I think 2004 ? My mom / aunt got me watching it with them years ago . The collaboration of Ikeda / the Ballet athlete is kinda like THAT , but even better with Takahiro throwing down moves on his bike to the choreography , LIVE classical music , and theme / story of the performance . I recommend everyone check it out ! Im the wackest at SPINNING tricks , or spinning style in general , haha….so Takahiro REALLY , REALLY impresses me ! I remember trying to learn Lung spins , during December 1995 , me and a couple of friends during a riding session …..my two amigos learned it in , like about an hour …….I just couldn’t lock the position AT ALL , haha….Its REALLY an awkward / hard position to spin , to me anyway , ha ! Takahiro just makes em look SO effortless ! Salud to him , THIS rules ……SO many circles in such a SHORT amount of time, BONKERS !!

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