Ten Years of Flatmattersonline – Episode 2

Thank you everyone for an amazing response yesterday to 10 Years of Flatmattersonline! My phone literally did not stop all day between the website posts, Facebook, Instagram and private messages.
As I said yesterday we continue with my celebration of 10 years with Episode 2 featuring Pete Brandt, Jay Marley, Sebastian Grubinger, Pete Olsen, and Austin Luberda. Hope you enjoy the episode! Feeling the love!

4 thoughts on “Ten Years of Flatmattersonline – Episode 2

  1. I heard guys mention how they give high marks to the consistency. I also hear Sebastian say how he gave FM a very high score on originality.

    Was kinda hoping to hear about difficulty and variety too. Maybe in part 3 though.

  2. I guess i started exclusivly watching flatmatters when it became the place of positive nonjudgemental coverage and comments about flatland.

    Cool how not everyone has the same reason its so good it covers so many things.

    Brasilian/spanish episode in works?

    • This is great to hear Morgann. Episode 1 was literally my first proper edit, editing on a laptop, titles, fades, playing with audio levels. Multiple languages is sadly ways off, not even sure how I would start that. The episodes do have subtitles.

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