The 2013 Flatmatters Online Awards Nominees announced!

The 2013 Flatmatters Online Awards!

It has been an exciting project putting together these awards for you all in the flatland world! From receiving votes almost daily since the announcement, to watching the steady stream of killer edits dropping one by one! There’s even been a server delay to prevent me from posting this on time. You couldn’t script this stuff! Without further delay below are the nominees are in both editorial and readers choice categories!

Flatmatters Editorial vote

Rider of year:

Viki Gomez

Mateus Beckmann

Yohei Uchino

Dominik Nekolny

Jean William Prevost

Edit of year: (had three tied scores – so theres 7 nominees for edit of year!)

Mateus Beckman – Moments 2013

Waldemar Fatkin – Razzia Part 2

Thomas Noyer – Frontyard work

Sam Foakes – Unofficial Collaborations 3

Heresy – Fifth of September

Jason Plourde – Transitions

Adam Kun – Total Living

Readers Choice:

Rider of the year

Viki Gomez

Yohei Uchino

Mateus Beckmann

Dominik Nekolny

Alex Jumelin

Edit of the year:

Pop Jam edit

Sam Foakes – Unofficial Collaborations 3

Heresy Fifth of September

Quientin Pelorson

Thomas Noyer – Front yard Work

Brand of Year






Innovation of the year:

KHE Affix Rotor

No handed Whiplash by Brandon Derbowka

Ucchie Bikeflip

Mathieu B – X handed backwards whplash

Profile Freecoaster

Contest run:

Tsutomu Kitayama Voodoo Jam semi final

Adam Kun – Worlds

Dominik Nekolny OSG 14

Sam Foakes Toronto Run 2

Dub – Guru jam Run 1

Most Progressive Rider:

Viki Gomez

Sam Foakes

Thomas Noyer

Mateus Beckmann

Yohei Uchino

Breakthrough rider:

Quientin Pelorson

Thomas Noyer

Mateus Beckmann

Tsutomu Kitsyama

Alberto Moya

Thank you to everyone who voted! Winners of the first Flatmatters Online awards will be announced tonight around 8pm if there are no technical delays. Congratulations to everyone who has been nominated!

– Effraim/Flatmatters

4 thoughts on “The 2013 Flatmatters Online Awards Nominees announced!

  1. WOW, I am very happy to see my name among the greats of Flatland! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Thanks everyone and congratulations to all!

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