Thomas Deschenaux – SWIRL MMXVIII

SWIRL MMXVIII – Thomas Deschenaux from BRE∆K YOUR NOSE on Vimeo.

This week has been uber busy for me here at Flatmattersonline HQ, so much so that I completely missed this amazing new edit from Thomas Deschenaux! There is something in the water in France with regard to the nose wheelie game, the spinning nose manual to backwards pedal 5 at the 1:48 mark is beautiful. Don’t sleep on this edit like I did and check this one out!

9 thoughts on “Thomas Deschenaux – SWIRL MMXVIII

  1. @ 1.10 , his x-leg nose manual turbine , laid down ……….. half cabbed to switch PEDAL five ! WOW !!! That turbined no handed crack packer ………Finishing the line off with the infamous back packer -BIKE FLIP to hiker !! This whole edit is on some M.O.C. sh-t !! So crazy ! Whatever IS in that French water that Effraim is joking about…………I ll have 7 gallons of it before my next session , haha .

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