20 thoughts on “Viki Gomez – Signature Moto Bicycles Pedal!

  1. Wish The wood could be redesigned in some sort of Plastic & keep the Grip tape top.
    I had these and the wood split and broke after just a few months. I really love the concept, they gripped well (even when wet) and really saved my shins.

  2. I just don’t believe these can actually hold up to flatland, regardless who is sponsored/endorse them. The whole wood thing just throws me off.

  3. I ve been riding them now for 1 year and they are amazing! I get plenty of compliments every time people look at my bike! Besides that it s the safest pedal when it hits your shins! Now Moto Bicycles are working on a plastic version that will be also cheaper. Anyway I love them and I am pretty happy with them! I am working a new pivotal trick hope I can pull it soon!
    Ride on!

  4. Plastic vershion looks rad! hell I’d ride them if Ali sent me a pair, maybe even try and come up with some new pedal move to show my appreciation 😉

  5. Whoa Ali! I had no idea you have a plastic version in the works, I will hold out for these. I will definitely buy those when they come out!

  6. Has anyone thats payed for a pair got somthing good to say about them? Plastic looks better but reminds me of the old khe version that broke in half…

  7. Hey Mark! Please contact Us for new wooden frames. You can exchange any part of the Moto´s. By the way the plastic version of our pedal has just won a German design award for it´s concept. You can see a photo on our fanpage www. facebook.com/motobicycles

    Thank´s for the incredible feedbacks to all who have a pair and feel the difference! @Lee I will contact you. Talk soon

  8. I’m 200lbs and ride the shit out of my bike I’ve had these for 6 months and mine have held up great i love how they feel I’m very pleased thus far, wood does beat up a little if you let your bike slam. Plastic would be dope, my shins as well have thanked me

  9. Just checked out their website. There’s a bike on it w/ wooden handlebars! A check’s a check, but c’mon man! Flatland was starting to gain some respect and credibility, and then we bring in the gimmicks? Fixie hipsters don’t ride flat!

  10. Should consider h20 water wraping the plastic pedal with a woodgrain if ypu want to retain the wood look without the wood cost and maintain the plastic feel people sound like they like

  11. I’ve heard of this Kevin guy, he’s pretty AWSOME. I’m not him. I do however have a valid opinion, and a sense of humor. Wut chu got?!?

  12. Hey @Jevin, i’m KEVINS friend and hell yeah he is AWSOME!!
    But if you mess around with any Flatlanders or Hate for no reason i will
    SNAP your balls OFF!

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