2019 MidWest Jam

Burd Phillips was on hand to document some of the action from this weekend’s MidWest Jam featuring Austin Luberda, Ron Monis, Andy Cooper, Chris Armstrong, Jake Jackson, Anthony Schneidewind, Andy Cooper, Burd Phillips, Marty Clark and more. Good vibes from the Q skatepark in Indianapolis.

8 thoughts on “2019 MidWest Jam

  1. Surprised to read this, because I’d heard Paul stopped riding some time ago. It’d be great to see some fresh new riding & even his classic style from the past.

    • Paul Osicka will ride till the earth stop spinning..be sure about that Tristan!Great video and cool moves from everyone..really liked that no handed spinning hitchhiker from Chris Armstrong!!

    • I believe its really expensive, $120 for pegs for example. I think thats the only issue otherwise im sure places like Flatland Fuel and Four Pegs here in Europe would stock them.

  2. Haven’t seen anyone do no handed hitches in such a small area before, but it’s great. And the rider with the red & yellow frame caught my eye. It’s nice seeing different bikes with another colour way, other than just about everything all being black.

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