7 thoughts on “Akira Horii – Vol 41

  1. I was waiting for a new edit from Akira for a while and really enjoyed it! As a decade lover I am a fan of Akira anyway, but here he adds a lot of other stuff that I haven’t seen from him before. 1:17 reminds me of Jason Brown which is so nice. And he also does this Terry Adams side queak jump around/over the bar trick. I like it!

  2. While some may feel & think pinky squeaks are easy or irrelevant in this brakeless era, personally l think it’s a staple trick. To think that some can’t do pinkys, yet 1 rider years ago was a back wheeler, because he said front wheel was too hard. Not critizing anyone, but clearly there’s those that are brakeless & technically have lost cerain tricks & ways to get in & out of tricks & combos. Each to their own. And have we seen a Nick Watts inspired way, of getting into catapults? I like this edit, thank you.

    • I agree with you Tristan,pinky squeaks is a staple trick that some riders can’t pull and of course front wheel tricks are A LOT harder than back wheel ticks.Should I remind you kick flips???Well done Akira Horii!

  3. This will seem I’m off topic about Akira, & l guess l am, lol. Truth’s our sport’s complicated, difficult & it mirrors the debatable opinions of different people. Another way of looking at it is this, there’s contradictions in Bmx in general. Some say flat’s weird or crap,& boring, yet we’ve seen those that have done Flatland tricks in park, street & years ago, back in the day, Ron Wilkerson did the Miami Hopper drop in, Bob Khol, l think it was, that did a bar ride on the deck of a vert ramp. Guess no matter what l’ve said maybe seen as off topic, or weird. Oh well, it’s just my observation.

  4. Just watched this again & it reminded me of doing funky chickens, then jumping over the bars to b’wards k-cruiser, but Akira has taken it further from crack pac. Well done & l didn’t say before, but you’re riding’s smooth & great to watch Akira.

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