2 thoughts on “Akira Muramatsu: Seek Flatland

  1. Damn I WISH I could flow on my back wheel like THIS ! Crazy good combo , TIMES 7…….I remember THIS guy from Hiroki Kitayama , his weekly edits featuring front only , and back wheel only small edits ,from his local scene / session spot . Remember ,Effraim , THIS cat right here , just busting two lines , taking turns with his other riding mates , in a basement looking session spot , with a really , low ceiling ?! Im really stoked that ya found / posted THIS lil edit , Big -E , gracias ! Like you , also , George ……I love this cats riding style / flow………and by the way , George …..I ll get witcha on that lil edit of us , I STILL gotta nail that ONE , only one trick , sans brakes / pegs , haha……..HOW in the hell do ya do it , Manos ??! Im trying ONE trick , sans brakes / pegs, and having LOADS of trouble getting HALF way through it , haha…………you’ve BEEN riding , CREATING tricks and lines this way for like ,what ? 12 FRIGGIN YEARS now , campeon ??! Hahaha……youre way TOO dope on a bike , George……Id PAY to acquire YOUR skill set , even just a fifth of it , haha…………….

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