Alex Jumelin wins Fise World Edmonton Canada!

Photo: Joris Bretagnolles.

Congratulations to Alex Jumelin who last night won the Fise World stop in Edmonton, Canada followed on the podium by Matthias Dandois who won the Fise world series for 2016, and Adam Kun took the the third place spot. You can catch up on the contest over on the Fise Facebook page, we have already a couple of highlight videos from the top three below. Amazing crowds in Edmonton, enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Alex Jumelin wins Fise World Edmonton Canada!

      • Who in the hell judged that? There is no way under any circumstances that Jumelin beats Matthias there. I haven’t followed or watched any contest footage in a long time but the first one I do poke my head out and look at I see this.

        Finding shitty judging/judges in this sport is like bobbing for water I swear to god.

        • + 1
          I have to say I totally agree here, Mathias even dropped some new links in his run (like his new way out of his x-foot crackpacker). This one link in itself deserves the win.

        • TJ, judges were Alexis Desolneux, Travis Collier, and Ryan Russell. A better comment to make is he shouldn’t have even made it to the finals. Jumelin should have been battling with Ben Hudson for 5th and 6th places with Dandois, Kun, Percy, and Dub in the top 4.

  1. Definitely cool kids club. Fise world tour is jumi and friends tour to get paid. Judges are paid and pals of jumelin and dandois, keep the friends in da money. It’s cool to get paid from riding flat though, so whatever and cool to float that money to your pals in the form of a comp, just know the results are also whatever. 🙂

    • I was there sitting in the front row and very surprised that Jumelin made it to the finals. Percy and Dub rode amazing and didn’t move on to the top three.

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