Arnold South America Sport Festival: Brazil 2022

Arnold South America sport festival is a big event which has like godfather none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Edu 7 an oldschool rider placed together the Flatland contest (Duelo Flatland BMX) on this second edition. Vídeo edit by “Ktrak” who is an amateur flat rider.

1*Bruno Zebu
2*Romulo Guerra
3*Matheus Silva
4*Pedro Nascimento

2 thoughts on “Arnold South America Sport Festival: Brazil 2022

  1. South American riders are the sleeping giants in Flatland . They’re always progressing , always on top of their game ( Balu ! ) no matter what …….each and every one of them has something insane and crazy difficult that they posses in their links . We all know this and whenever they do get to contests abroad ……they ALWAYS make their riding presence and turn many heads . Their own contests are so , so SLLLLLAMMMMED . As all the riders in this edit . Sick flow , lines , hard tricks , progressive styles ….it’s all there . STOKED on their scene and their riding . TOP NOTCH riders since the 80’s ……Romulo Guerra , one of my personal favorites , along with Claybom ! Mad respect to South American riders and their always thriving scene…..Such a rad pick to post , Effraim …..along with everything else , today ! Don’t sleep on the South American Flatland scene ….there’s scene videos of all these guys from freaking 1997……that will give ya nightmares and a reality check just how far ahead they all were in the sport …….even back THEN ! Just look at them ….NOW……..amazing…

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