16 thoughts on “Giannis Caternellis: Freestyler #119

  1. I left so many comments on Giannis’s channel about these highly original and hard lines , mixed with a VARIETY of techniques in each line ! 2019 and FREESTYLER # 119 hits Flatland over the damn head with the BMX KING of Greece’s relentless pursuit and victories, creating never ending possibilities with tricks upon variations ,upon lines, upon using your third Flatland eye ….hell YEEESSSS , Giannis ! I’ve watched this multiple times and it’s so cool , campeon . KEEP going , creating and pushing forth into the “black hole ” of originality in Flatland BMX …..

    • I love black holes…..of Originality in Flatland bmx,cabrone!!Ahahah!A thousand thanks for your attention which comes from your love of progression my brother…I watch Everything when it comes to your comments my man,I’ve seen all your youtube comments and I cant thank you enough for everything you have done for me….yeah 2019 was a great year despite tendonitis on my right arm,it looks on most of those clips here.I want to discover ALL unseen paths of flatland…there’s so much depth in evolution on soooooo many tricks that it drives me crazy,I cant stop learning new tricks every day of my life…You should watch Freestyler #120 when it will drop….I cant say anything else…..

      • Keep it SLLLLAMMMMMMED with getting ” lost ” in the black holes of Flatland’s ” matrix ” , Giannis ! Always stoked to see just what and how you ” morph ” into and with that K.G.B. frame / T.i. bars , cabrone . FRESTYLER # 120 , ALREADY . You’re preaching to the BMX choir , brother . Can’t wait to peep game on it …………

        • That combination of KGB frame/TI bars is my label it looks,amigo!!Haha!….Freestyler #120 ……..stuff I’ve pulled the first 3 months of 2022…….before I crash on my shoulder…….need to celebrate that,campeon…..Talking about Pedro Melo type stuff…….Dont let me say any more………………

  2. With all tricks and combos combined. Assuming I’m able to land everything I can do AND am working on. There would be ONE 5 or 6 min edit that could capture everything.
    This man’s approaching 120 edits… Is there anyone else on earth that’s even close to this? Absolutely amazing! Don’t stop G!

    • Wow Brent!!That’s a huge inspiration for me my brother when it comes on digging my edits…I feel you as a family along with Rodney,Effraim,Scott Hagnas,Adam Guild….the list goes on….and the craziest thing for me is that I take recongition and respect mostly from older guys than me that I’m almost 39….Riders who have more years on the pedals than me and most experienced….In Greece I am nobody for the other flatlanders and in America I am somebody….still cant explain that…..sometimes I wish I was living in America or on Canada………….

    • BZ , BZ ……..BZ ! Please say that statement AGAIN . It’s what I’ve BEEN type-screaming since 2014 , ha….WHO IS even close to unleashing 120 edits ??!! That in itself is like beyond superior clout , TIMES 7.. I’m witcha , BZ ….DON’T STOP , Giannis ……also ,BZ …..you’re bugging dude ! You’ve got some skills , techniques and variety in your lines , tricks ! You’re a RIPPER along with the rest of the new school wave of riders , no b.s. !

  3. Gracias Big E once again for your honest words…its a pleasure reading from you that you enjoy and support me to keep on going…Once again I am injured bad while I was curving a backwards ropearoni on my skyway and crashed on my left elbow….but I won’t go anywhere….give a couple of weeks and I will be ready!! haha…

    • Of course, it’s amazing how you have chipped away at this amount of edits with different tricks. And I think thats key, its not the same lines in each edit. I wonder how many lines total, Rodney? How many? 🙂

      • I’ve lost count Effraim!!Ahahaj!!!That’s the beauty of our sport,there’s always something new to try and you can expand any trick as far as you like and in any ways….just take the hitchhiker for example,I would never imagine myself pulling it one footed crossed no handed aka Maradona hiker ever in my life and rolling it for 10 meters….only in my dreams!!!But the mentality in my riding and having my mind open made that trick a reality….never stop dreaming folks…

        • One is for sure……i have already filmed links that i can reach Freestyler #200…..no problem!!……If I will ever make it to 200 it will happen because of YOU people who care about the real aspect of Flatland,which is progression….To document,share and finally progress in Flatland….Thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me…….

          • 200.. this is beyond spectacular to me
            Impressed and shocked actually in front that much deep passion. woOw. Hat’s off Giannis!

          • Merci R!!Your comment make me feel tres bien!200 is possible but you have to wait a couple of years to watch it!!ahahah!!…..until then,you just have to wait till next month for a celebrated Freestyler #120 including ala Pedro Melo style tricks…..Tres jolie!!Keep on riding,allez allez!!!

    • Thank you very much Brandon aka Mr.Eclips!!!Always a pleasure hearing from a flatlander of your caliber that enjoys and encourages my thing….Next edit,only rolling tricks of this year and I know you will not sleep on this cause rolling is your taste…like me!!ha!!!Am sooo fed up of spinning tricks….unless when it comes to Kio!!!Hahah!!Keep rolling my man too…

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