Flatland returns to the X-Games: Practise Footage

It’s been a couple of weeks since the X-Games in Chiba, Japan! I had a couple of clips left on my phone from practise, from two days of filming during practise. Featuring the winner Kio Hayakawa, Terry Adams, Moto Sasaki, Yohei Uchino, and alternate Yu Katagiri who didn’t get to compete sadly.

Great to see flatland back at the X Games!

3 thoughts on “Flatland returns to the X-Games: Practise Footage

  1. You are in KILLA CONTENT mode , Effraim ! Loving it……ANY / ALL Chiba X-Games footage is very welcome and wanted ! ( for me anyway ! ) Let’s keep dat sh-t SEEEEZZZZZED and flowing , Big -E ! 1750 -NO HERO ! These practice lines are rad………

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