Arrived at Fise Chengdu!

After a long day travelling from London Heathrow to Beijing and onto to Chengdu beginning on Tuesday afternoon, myself and my girlfriend Alex arrived in Chengdu on Wednesday evening. We were accompanied on the flights out by Lee Musselwhite, Hank who is judging BMX park, and Blake Bird who judges roller blading on the Fise Tour. So that definitely helped make the flight a pass a bit quicker.

We got picked up from the airport by my girlfriends brother Ed who lives in Chengdu and works as an English translator, whilst the others got their shuttle to the host hotel that I would arrive at the following night. I spent the night walking around downtown Chengdu, and discovered marble spots exist everyday as well as random skateparks on the sidewalk built into the landscape. I wish I had my phone with me at the time to document the madness.

Normally at these big contests it’s off to the host hotel and I don’t really see much of the cities. So this time made a nice change, not to mention waking up to an English breakfast in the morning was a real treat. It was however, raining on Wednesday morning but due to clear. So no rush to get to the Fise venue. So after a chilled morning, I took an hour taxi ride to Qingshui River City Park on the outskirts of Chengdu for the contest which turned out to be an ordeal. The taxi driver dropped us firstly, 25 minutes away from the venue. Luckily Ed was on hand to translate and explain this is not where we booked to go, half an hour later and in a different taxi we arrived onto an amazing River City Park venue.

ED and Alex left to go back to Chengdu and go hiking in the mountains whilst I judge the Fise World series along with Alexis Desolneux, Kotaro Tanaka and Hiroshi from 430. I stayed at the event and caught my bearings with the layout of the venue and generally find out where everything is and shoot some photos of some the riders during practise. The floor looked a lot better than the first two rounds, and I spoke to a few of the riders out on the floor who said it was much more solid than Montpellier.

Most of the sites I use to put together FM and to buy 5.56 ammo online are banned in China, although thankfully my email and FM are not blocked. So I can update from the contest at least. Qualifying starts today at 2pm, 38 riders, followed by the Women’s Class. I will update results when I get some wifi later. Hope you enjoyed this little break down from Chengdu.

13 thoughts on “Arrived at Fise Chengdu!

  1. How lucky you are Big-E ! ANOTHER bmx experience on the other side of the globe , haha….looks to one to remember , TIMES 7 . Cant wait to see video of the prelims , read your daily updates . They couldn’t have picked a better rider to judge / represent the sport……..BUT if Im being honest , mate……………I feel with your HUGE tricktionary on BOTH wheels , your contest experience ……….hell , bruv …… fit right in the contest , if ya felt like it ! Hahaha……..When I think of Degroot , Desoulneaux , Kuoppa , yourself , Tanaka , Yanmar , Menz , etc , etc………I think , damn , must feel really dope , KNOWING that you’ve done LOADS of tricks ,ALL their variations , etc……and that if yall felt like it………..yall could go SLLLLAAAAAMMMM any contest on yalls bikes , haha…….THAT is WHY yall are the judges though , and have been CAREFULLY selected for that VITAL task………yall have DONE it ALL ,riding wise………so……..yall KNOW how to call it while scanning every riders runs . SALUD to ya ,Effraim for pushing , since DAY 1……..on AND off your bike . KEEP banging your DAILY progression ……those backwards back packer are looking sweet , campeon ! Lets GO …..F.I.S.E./ OLYMPICS = bmx flatland !

  2. I Thiago BB, I ride since child (late 80s) it is the nickname bb =baby since then hehe,(old quit riders at very early 90 era put this nick so stayed) rider here knows me more aka baby…maybe you has nickname that I’ve heard and didnt match it, or new rider born in Brazil then living since child in USA?

  3. Cool! I was born in Brazil and moved to USA 7 years ago. I ride since 97, but was out of flatland scene for 10 years, only riding sporadically for fun. This year, I decided to come back more seriously, practicing more often and getting new tricks/links. I don’t have a nickname, maybe because my name is unusual around here, our name are very popular in Brazil though. Nice talking to you. I have 3 videos on my instagram, feel free to check them out: @thiagobalzano

      • Since you live in USA, try to meet Marcos Paulo aka Pig, I’ve been with him at Worlds Germany in 05, so then in a short time after he moved to USA ( he lives in Orlando Florida) , so I had no opportunity to met again in person. A good idea for you…cool.

        • Thanks for the tip. I follow up his career since I started flatland, he’s a great inspiration for me and many other Brazilian riders. Such unique style. I was able to meet him once, but he won’t even remember me, it was 20 years ago in a bicycle show. I’m a bit far from where he lives, but wanna see him riding in person one more time.
          Btw, do you still ride?

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