Art Thomason: Isolation

Art Thomason – Isolation Edit from art thomason on Vimeo.

Isolation sure doesn’t seem so bad when you have a backyard riding spot like Art Thomason does. And, Art puts it too good use in this new edit, digging the Cliffhanger double peg to peg boomerang to cliffhanger at 00:31 from the opening line. There’s so much more to boot, go watch this one!

5 thoughts on “Art Thomason: Isolation

  1. So much progression on this one always good seeing Art’s latest. Gnarly pedal 5 turbine, lots of boomerangs and that backwards karl to pivot ride out was legit!

  2. Jason Forde said it best , couple years ago……..about riders like Art who … matter what , they keep up WITH THE TIMES of MODERN , PROGRESSIVE , NEW SCHOOL , HIGH LEVEL bmx flatland , that is todays normal ……Art has BEEN that dude since the first time , me seeing him ride in person . Hes ALWAYS ahead and WITH THE TIMES . This edit SCREAMS that . I ll be the first to tell ya…..Ive been riding for MANY moons ….and my style is STILL a mix of 1985 , 1996-97 , a lil bit of 1998 , but THATS IT , haha……I am NOT …WITH THE TIMES , haha….Art IS ! Theres a VALID reason why hes been the one flatlander that’s been on the HOFFMAN BIKE COMPANY roster …..the LONGEST . DOUBLE boomerangs BETWEEN spinning , pumping cliffhangers ! PEDAL fives from whiplashes ,and turbines ! Also dropped down to cross fire haul turbines ! Just straight up HAMMER links that are PROGRESSIVE , STYLISH , with ZERO dead time or filler . Ive closely followed Arts riding since 1999 ……..he HASNT missed a single beat , trend or concept ….AT ALL ! Crazy thing is …….he SO damn smooth doing some of the hardest stuff , that I think it some cats kinda miss the degree of difficulty , while hes flowing through his lines , haha. Damn , bruv ……when he took OFF his brake…….in LESS than 3 MONTHS …..he ALREADY had most of his stuff LEARNED , DIALED …….AND ……R E A D Y for ……CONTESTS , even picked up MORE new tricks , variations . If youre talking bout a TOP U.S. rider these days……..youre damn well talking about ART THOMASON…….

  3. Put it to ya like THIS……….Ive also got a D.V.D. from November 2007 of Arts links , front AND back wheel ……..that would SERIOUSLY get the MUST WATCH tag on this site……..TODAY , no b.s. , and DAMN …….his steam turbine -flap-jack to switch hand steam to IMMEDIATE step over to crack packer , MID-LINE @ 1.15 MIUNTES in this edit , you see ….its transitions like THIS …that make his riding so technical and HAARRRD . B.Z. , CHECK ……THIS edit out ! Art RULES , TIMES 7…………

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