The Flatmattersonline Exclusives: 1-10

What’s up everybody?

I hope everyone is safe and well at home during this really difficult time. A couple of people shared the idea to post the first ten clips on one edit to look back over, and during this lockdown period. I have plenty of time to kill, so here are the first the clips that started back in January of this year.
These clips have become a thing, and I am really stoked on the reaction to doing these. Thanks to all the riders that taken part so far and shared their progressive lines with all of us.

Shoutouts to:

Pete Brandt
Sietse Van Berkel
George Manos
Bobby Carter
Chris Vasileiou
Varo Hernandez
Sebastian Grubinger
Kio Hayakawa
Matthias Dandois
Dan Hennig

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2 thoughts on “The Flatmattersonline Exclusives: 1-10

  1. It watches like an og flat vid comprised of raw or minimally edited parts. Lots of dope riding and what a list of heavy hitters! Flatmatters brings the realness again! Stoked to see what 11-20 is going to look like.

    • @BZ- Thank you. Yes really stoked on how these FM exclusives are developing. Its definitely good to see all the clips back to back like that, great variety in styles and techniques actually when you pay attention. Just loading up episode 12 ready for Wednesday. I was wondering about the next re-cap, 11-20 or 11-21? Hmmmm….

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