9 thoughts on “Iñigo Arroyo Gutiérrez: 2019-2020 compilation

  1. Impressive!Nice to see Inigo progressing on both wheels with hard pivots and switches…really enjoy that.Gracias!!

  2. Agreed , TIMES 7 with Giannis …….Duuuuuuude , these are some HEEEAAVVY combos !! ALSO …just WHAT in the hell was that super quick HAMMER of a switch / pivot , @ 19 SECONDS ??! Never seen another rider do this exact transition . Had to play / pause / play to catch and fully understand it ! Bar small hang ten , step out to cross right steam pivoting and bar switching , all the way around , landing in a half packer …..while switching his hand AT THE SAME TIME !! Every line in this edit RULES . SUPERB style , just FLOOOOWWED so nicely . I see Inigo has those BLENDERS and WHIPLASHES , in his trick bag as well . I haven’t really jammed any Drum and Bass tunes in a while …..THIS track that Inigo chose for this edit compliments his riding quite well !! The track …..INTENSE , like his links on BOTH wheels . Really enjoyed this ……..KEEP shredding , campeon !

  3. ANNNNNND his double foot rocket turbine , coming outta a time machine …….then pivoting / bike flipping to an INSTANT cross right rope , bike flipping AGAIN , ending up in a carving fudge packer ……LOVE THAT transition as well ! He just nails it with so much authority , breezing through it , @ 3.01 MINUTES . Inigo has progresses his level TONS , great to see……

  4. I really hope as many people see this as possible. This guy’s got it figured out, well rounded bag of tricks on front and back wheel. Smooth and stylish. Pivots, oh yes, the pivots! This is effing fantastic!

  5. Cool, I really like his style! I just watched older video from him and must say the progression is unbelievable… Props Iñigo!

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