BIKECHECK: Naoto Tamaru / We The People Utopia 20″

Who doesn’t love a bike check? I’m always curious about people’s set ups, and what you can bring to your own set up. With the help of David Paterson over at We the People HQ, today we are able to bring this exclusive feature on Naoto Tamaru’s new WTP Utopia ride, and his new signature parts which have some interesting tweaks, let’s get into it!

BAR: WTP BOMB BAR prototype, 7.75” (when cut down to 25”), 8.25” uncut (26.7”)
GRIP: WTP ARROW GRIP 130 with grip tape.
STEM: WTP BOMB STEM prototype, 40mm rise
FORK: Eclat COYOTE Flatland Fork Prototype, 10mm offset
SEAT: Eclat COMPLEX 1pc Combo Seat, Slim Padded
CRANK: Eclat TIBIA 160mm
FRONT RIM: WTP E440 in limited Gunmetal
REAR HUB : Eclat Shift Freecoaster Hub with HYBRID SYSTEM internals, Flatland version prototype
REAR RIM: WTP E440 in limited Gunmetal
PEGS: Eclat Flatland Peg Prototype

Here’s what Naoto had to say:

“I’m in the We The People team since 2022, and work with the team a lot of making FLATLAND products. I’m really happy and really appreciate this opportunity. So now, I’m using my signature bar and stem sample. I wanna talk about those things also frame.”

This is a smaller bar these days. I really love 4pc classic looks.
When I choose parts, first things is always “LOOKS” I don’t wanna build for tricks cuz when I riding always feeling good.
So before I was in the team, I used to 4pc classic looks bar, but it was bit big.
After in the team, I just told them, let’s make it happen!
Most brand making big size, so I choose small size, it is 8.25” but I cut bar width like 550mm, so it feel like 7.8 because UP SWEEP.
Kid’s rider also could use it I guess.
Now I’m riding 2nd sample about half year or more. No problems, feeling super good. The bar is also super lightweight for 4pc bars.

I really love making/thinking any parts, because I’m using a lot of parts.
So BOMB STEM is super special for me.
I had a stem concept before in the team, after in the team, I sent all drawing for them.
There is few type of stem but we decided this type.
I really want to build lower bar, cuz I love 90’s bike looks, of course good for tricks.(I’m really small guy, that’s why I need lower bar)
So I made BOMB BAR, also use BOMB STEM and use download, it helps more lower bar position.
Also we can use topload to make bit higher bar. Now our teammate Julien use it on topload, he also said good feeling.
Concept is “THINNER and LOOKS FLAT” 40mm reach, but I don’t want to make looks shorter, so making thin and flat it looks not shorter.
And light weight but really strong. I can ride aggressive like monster.

Last thing is frame.
I’m riding UTOPIA HYBRID 20″ top tube.
It sounds longer frame for small guy but not.
Chain stay is super short so you can feel 19.75″ top tube frame if you make short chain stay(I’m riding about 13″ chain stay now).
BB is higher than normal frame, so we can ride easier on the pedal tricks.
Also most people thinking this frame is HEAVY but I don’t feel it. It’s super tough and lasts a really long time. So I really love it.
We are still working on a lot of new FLAT LAND products with Wethepeople and eclat, you might see them on my bike 😊 it will change the world I think!
If you are thinking about use it, JUST USE IT!
Enjoy our products!

Naoto Tamaru.

More info on WTP products:

2 thoughts on “BIKECHECK: Naoto Tamaru / We The People Utopia 20″

  1. This was a rad bike check . Thank you , Effraim ! Naoto is a shredder and very cool cat when ya meet him . At the 2017 Flatland Voodoo Jam he was REALLY going for it during finals. Totally going all in with his lines. I remember one particular switch ice cream spin , pivot flip line where he came out of it @ the worst possible angle………to do a brakeless decade that is ! He was so leaned to one side I was sure he was going to just drop the rocket , exit. I’m sure any rider in the finals would have. ( the competition was so close that touches started to actually matter. ) Naoto wasn’t having the safe exit and hurled the decade anyway . He fell off ,however judging from the crowd , EVERY rider competing AND watching …..that DIDN’T matter . It was such a wild , on edge , hucked line that Naoto got the recognition for staying true to his riding / level. That huge , I think it was a K.O.G. contest he dominated and won , his welcome to W.T.P. edit ( BANGING ! ) and all of his new bike flip , CROSS pedal ice cream , pull to rope lines ,etc……all these things along with his social media clips , they all prove that he’s one of the top tier elites in contest AND video riding. This bike check has some really interesting details and input into what he’s helped design and give his knowledge on. As we have seen with his riding , even more so in 2022 , 2023 and 2024……what he choses to ride is working , times 7…..the ” GT ” bars , frame ,tires , fork , seat , cranks ……90% of his set up….hell bruv, even my old school ass would buy and ride this stuff . The descriptions and specs of all these parts are so dialed and sound sick . Big-E , thank you again for putting in that ” head nod ” for Naoto to get on W.T.P. , also. He’s deserving on his bike and his attitude , personality in general . Plus , E …’s rad that you went that extra mile to get him on. MOST cats ain’t gonna do that . So I salute and give mad RESPECT to you for doing that . SLLLLAAAAAMMMED ( meaning beyond awesome. ) bike check , riding from Mr. Tamaru , and baton pass from you , Effraim………..FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM , BLEGH ! BLEGH !

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