BMX Rad Girls 2014

Paula Callery put together this great RAD themed edit including Cru Jones featuring Annie Sophie Chips, Lona Adams, Bo Stankov, Yuki Shinkawa, Eriko Ono, Irina Sadovnik, Liberty Armstrong, Nori B, Irais Pichardo Resendiz, Jazz Pintasilgo, Miyuki Dezaki, Feer Green and Kim Klisiak! Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “BMX Rad Girls 2014

  1. Great edit Paula !!!!! All you girls are so rad, i’m proud of my liberty for staying with it! She’s so ready to ride and I don’t even push her! You have everything to do with her progress, big props for that and thank you so much !!!! Rider4Life represent

  2. Awesome video !
    It would be cool if you added the name of each girl to the screen while they are riding. It will give them credit, and let people know who they are when watching.

  3. I wanted to have a preview of how many girls would be in the video at a glance, and I kind of wanted the group to more anonymous. We are girls representing flatland for the world and we are together like a team, Rad Girls. I added the names in last year, but by now you should know who these girls are lol I guess its the more eclectic approach.

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