Brian Tunney: Battling Tendonitis

Brian Tunney comes through with his regular video diary, and a detailed description. Over to Brian, and enjoy the glass smooth riding.

“Since the beginning of April, I’ve been dealing with some tendonitis pain in my right arm, brought on by not doing undertakers for a few months and then doing a bunch in March, and so I forced myself to not squeeze the back brake with my right arm for the majority of the month. As a result, May started out kinda slow and then got extremely humid and rainy. Here’s a rundown of everything.

00:02 I hadn’t done a rolling undertaker in the garage since we moved in last year, so this is me figuring out how to do them in circles. To be honest, I prefer the straight line version better but considering this is filmed on a tripod in a garage, I’m not complaining.
00:18 Hidden hand frame grabs are kinda gimmicky but give the trick a completely different feel from the seat grab version. This is just a fun version of a combo I’ve done before with that slight variation.
00:38 And because I did a forward rolling undertaker, I needed to do the backward rolling version as well. Done in circles, these are pretty fun, and sweaty.
00:50 Another hidden hand frame grab combo…
01:07 The rainiest day of May fell on a weekend so I was forced to ride in a humid hot box for at least an hour. I hadn’t done the half stubbleduck exit in a long time and sweated out half my body weight making it happen this day.
01:25 Right around this time of the month, I was dearly missing undertakers with the brake, so I decided to do an opposite one where my left hand grabbed the back brake.
01:43 Hitchhiker to backwards hitchhiker. Because I’m spoiled and have a brakeless setup, I never really do any brakeless type stuff on the brake bike. But I decided to try one and it came out okay. This sent me down a juggler wormhole for the remainder of the month…
02:03 Hitchhiker seat pass juggler to one-hand whip juggler to around the world to the sweet sounds of Stevie Nicks.
02:22 Hitchhiker seat pass juggler x 2 to one-hand whip juggler. This will probably become a majority of my June riding so consider this your warning.
02:35 After a few chiropractor sessions, my doctor found that my right humerus bone was out of socket. Once she moved it back, the tendonitis pain started to go away almost overnight. And to cap off the month, I decided to try my first undertaker since March 31.

And that’s all I’ve got, plus a few other rejects that I might put up mid-month that involve squeakers and didn’t look as cool as they felt.”

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