Red Bull Circle of Balance is back!!! 17th December New Orleans

Big news today. The Red Bull Circle of Balance is back, celebrating the 20th year anniversary on December 17th in New Orleans, USA. The rider list is trickling out one by one on social media with 16 riders invited, so far I see Terry Adams, Jean William Prevost, Toon Pakphum, Lee Musselwhite, Matt Wilhelm, more to follow. This is not to be missed!!

Full rider list to follow is confirmation comes through.

Get your tickets:


Omarisquiño Contest: August 12-14th

Omarisquiño contest news this morning from Alberto Moya! Fancy a trip to Spain?

“The contest will be the 12,13 and 14 of August.
There are two classes to compete, amateur and Pro.
The Pro price money total it’s 4.100€, split among the top 5 .
This is in Vigo, a beach city, this is probably the best contest! It’s a huge sports festival where you never get bored of it.
There are Bmx park, Street and Flatland contests. There are also many other contest like Mtb downhill, skate or football freestyle.
There are live concerts at night, that makes the Omarisquiño a really special event.
To get there the you have many options, riders can take the flight to Vigo, santiago de compostela and Oporto Airports. There is shuttle service from the Vigo airport, from the other 2 airports riders have to contact Guelo beforehand and he will check.”

US National Championships! Bentonville Bike Festival: June 17/19th

I am excited to announce The First Annual US National Championships of Flatland BMX at the Bentonville Bike Festival in Bentonville Arkansas on June 17th – 19th. This Championship will be sanctioned by USA cycling and the UCI.
Bentonville Bike Festival is an awesome event celebrating all of bike riding disciplines and we are proud to have Flatland be a part of this event.
A $5,000 Pro purse will be provided and USA riders will have an opportunity to attain a national ranking with the UCI.
I am looking forward to seeing my fellow USA BMX Flatland riders together at one contest, showing strength and a brotherhood that’s unmatched. BMX Flatland started in the USA this is our opportunity to show the world what it means to us all.

Thank you,
Scott OBrien

Red Bull Bike n Mic Show Battle in Luxembourg:12th & 13th March

Together with we wanted to bring together the amazing energy of Bike N Mic ( BMX & Hip Hop ). I traveled the world during the past 22 years and when I do shows I include the competition tricks because this defines me as an athlete. It happened very often that there was a lot of magic in these moments!

Therefore we thought on bringing together the amazing line up of riders who can deliver both: an amazing show skills connecting with the crowd and epic competition tricks to let everyone with a WOW.

The public will vote with an app that measures the decibels. So riders need to connect with the crowd and still deliver amazing tricks! It’s a big challenge full of good vibes! All riders win as they will have their own time on their demand.

But don’t forget they are warriors and they will fight for the Podium! We will have one contest on Saturday and one on Sunday.

It’s a new concept and we can’t wait to see the results!

Thanks to all the sponsors and everyone involved!