Moto Sasaki & Todd Carter win the Trans Jam in Greenville, North Carolina

Pro Podium.

Moto Sasaki won the final round of the Trans jam series in Pro Town Greenville, North Carolina yesterday! Dub took the second spot with Dane Beardsley in the third place podium spot! Congratulations to Moto, Dub and Dane! Dane also took the year end title, with Issiah Jordan second, Keith King third!
Todd Carter made the trip out to Greenville with his kids and hit a clean run for the top spot in the AM class! Congratulations Todd! Results and photos below thanks to Todd!

Expert Podium.

1-Moto Sasaki
2-Jean William Prevost
3-Dane Beardsley
4-James McGraw
5-Jason Plourde
6- Issiah Jordan
7-Keith King
8-Tyler Gilliard

1-Todd Carter
2-Josh Hall
3-Ivan Adamiec
4-Mark Coates
5-Fox Kinsman
6-Chris Przepiora
7-Lee Mejia
8-Kevin Washington