16 thoughts on “Chase Gouin: Dope Ammo 665 1/2

  1. I have never seen this clip of Chase doing 4 decades. Actually I don’t think I have seen anyone do 4 decades. Chase was one in a million.

  2. His style was so good especially at that time! The (seems not pulled) perverted quad decade is insane. How fast he is rotating during the decades! What do you think, are the whiplashed in the beginning brakeless? I would say they are.

    • Yes they are brakeless and that perverted quad decade doesnt matter because Chase pulled it for the first time back in 1984 on a Haro bike….GOAT.

  3. Hi Giannis, I have seen that video from Chase doing a quad decade on a GT frame, but this was not perverted. Did you see a video from that earlier one? I remember that he explained that he was doing multiple decades when he did not even have a gyro. Must be difficult… In every case it is remarkable how early he was so good with decades.

    • Hi brother,thanks for the reply.Yeah also ive seen that quad decade on the GTframe youre reffering on his debut in Dorkin 4 1990…and even though it wasnt perverted,it still mindblowing and visually magic.Unfortunatly,i havent seen any quad decade video earlier from that particular one but…..there was a podcast a couple of years ago,i think it was from space bothers,i might check it out again to be accurate,where Chase explained his first experience on a Haro bike without gyro just a normal cable for back brake and pulled his first quadraple decade on that one and that was in 1984….Chase in my opinion,along with the K,is the best flatland rider of all time…his e-clips footage from the year 2000 is still untouchable…he has proove that hes the best with action,not with words and sure doesnt need to lie….so i believe him….

        • Yeah Big E thats true,that perverted is only on the beginning of that quad decade but i feel it helps to give momentum or some extra boost to Chase to make it happen,i dont know….ive only pulled a triple in my life,quadruple is a holly grail to me and as i turn 40 next year it sure is a big temptation to bring to life the quad decade in my quad decade years old…..

          • Damn , Giannis ! You’ve got triple decades ! Why am I not surprised ?! Hahaha…..there outta be a q and a with YOU , Scott Powell , Kevin , Chase , O.G. Marton , Trevor , Degroot , Will Redd , and Effraim…….call it what tricks / links / variations ……haven’t you all done , hahaha……since all ya’ll have pretty much done …..EVERYTHING !

  4. So good! What is Ells’s story? He is Chad Johnstons’s brother? Did he meet Chase at this york jam and then they all moved to Arizona for the winter? Does someone know the chronology?

  5. His funky chicken to fire pink -QUICK switch to elephant glide , back to back side yard G-nu twitches to elephant glides , side yard flip to X-leg wheelchair , g-strings to cross backwards steam , body varial to side yard , multiple decades to Fajita Smith decade , the crazy single , double , triple- fire pink / decade route , FAST fire pinks to bar twitch Mc circle catch / step through to bars big back yard ! ( and those are Peregrines he had to step over , UNCUT . ) Another section I’ve always hoped would show up online . Thank you , Snake Bite BMX and Big -E ! Damn , my all time second favorite section of Chase . ( Dorkin 6 , number 1. ! ) The music to this section , his progressive riding , the INTENSE feeling when you watch THIS section ……..pure gold , right here ! Multiple brakeless whiplashes ……this section is perfect and as SLLLLAMMMMMED as one could ask for . Chase literally put his entire life into progressing the sport and he did that and then some . His legacy is set in stone …….met and had a late night riding session with Chase when he rode for Homeless bike company in Austin Texas back in 1991 . Eben Krakau was riding for them also and Chase actually stayed at Eben’s casa for the Thanksgiving holidays . Eben called me ” Dude , Chase is here , you guys wanna go session with us tonight ? ” I immediately called mi amigo Eddie Alvarez . ( street rider , now an artist today, still rides bikes . ) and we got to Eben’s that Thanksgiving night around 9 p.m. . We all rode bikes till around 2.30 a.m. , haha…..Chase was DIALED and a cool cat ! ( he literally taught me Mc circles that night ! ) He nailed every single link , trick that I asked him to do ………ALL NIGHT LONG . He even flew by all of us racing , pedaling FAST to get to the session spot ……..thing is….he flew by us doing multiple whiplashes , haha… I could tell a 3 HOUR story about that night , the links he pulled , the hip sack he had with tools in it to keep his bike dialed , his custom made rear pegs , me giving his bike the ” dialed ” test , bouncing it up and down as he walked up to me BEFORE I had even formerly met him in Eben’s garage , or him doing half to side packer passes in a combo that night…….Chase , TOP 5 ! ZERO debate ……….

    • What about YOU hermano do a 3 hour podcast for space brothers for example,telling your experience on that thanksgiving night with Chase???

      • I would do that in a MILLI-SECOND …..NOW ! I have ALOT of stories about sessions , meeting riders like……… Scott Powell , Shawn Burnham , r.i.p. , Phil Dolan , Bobby Fischer , Takashi Ito , ( that’s a REALLY good one ! ) Terry Adams , Art Thomason , Hiroki Uchiyama , Varo Hernandez , Kevin Edwards , William Perez , Joe Cicman , Ruben Castillo , Edgar Plescencia …….SO MANY stories , man………I need a write a book , haha……. “Flatland session stories with Rodney ” , hahaha……..

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