Episode 82: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Renz Viaje

Hello everyone!

It’s time for Episode 82 of the Flatmattersonline Exclusives and boy is it a good one. I will go as far as saying Renz Viaje just dropped the best clip of the year so far!
This exclusive came about after Renz dropped the bike flip to two footed pedal ice cream catch on his instagram, I hit up Renz and said how about flip in flip out for a FM exclusive.
A couple of days past, and Renz said after three hours trying he got it! Insane!
Renz gave a shout out his his sensai, Yohei Uchino.

Thank you Renz for contributing and raising the level up, this is what its all about. Incredible!

Who’s got episode 83?

11 thoughts on “Episode 82: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Renz Viaje

  1. ONLY 3 hours ??! I would honestly think more like …….3 YEARS !! Can you imagine the strain on his arms / back landing and holding the ice cream on both pedals …….over and over and over ………and over , just to muscle the bike to bike flip AGAIN to exit !! THEN imagine after all of that ……..aiming for both pedals to ride out ! THIS is SLLLLAMMMMMED , TIMES 7 . YES , E………CLIP OF THE YEAR so far . Mad respect to Uuchie for creating and Renz for innovating ! I swear he could of landed in a freaking ball , top tube ride , legs flailing , sketchy …….and I would of STILL been stoked , counted it …….NOPE , Renz goes and pulls it PERFECT , making it look effortless ……..and ONLY 3 hours ??! Whatever , bruv ! Mad props to one more rider sending the sports progression to the moon………..

  2. Rad! Kind of surprised he wasn´t a breakthrough rider this year. I know he has been on the scene a while but he has come into his own this last year.

  3. Also, the exclusives should totally be Effraim directing riders like the first Pete Brandt episode or this episode.

    Or next level, Effraim tells another rider to direct another rider.

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