5 thoughts on “Tom Haugen: Dope Ammo 665 1/2

  1. Foward rope death truck TURBINE ……to Smith , dump truck to caboose , switch to left cross stick-b SWIIIIIITCH to locomotive , forward rope to ice cream , switch to caboose , cross steam flip to elephant glide . ( I tried and failed over and over…….and over in 1996 trying that one….totally couldn’t get it , haha…had to settle for a switch hand fork squeak to switch hand elephant glide , the EASY way ! ) Even the left cross switch hand staple gun -butter slip the bar to elephant ! Also that he’s lacing all his lines up to locomotives , and Smiths ! His section song edited to Anthrax , LOVE THAT . ( One of the FIRST Thrash Metal bands that was a BMX associate band ! ) Haugen is SO DAMN multi skilled , TIMES 7 ……1992 ! He’s got X-leg hitchhiker on lock too . ( that was his SHOW trick in summer 2000 , touring with GT ! ) One of the first doing tail whips to manuals , 360 whips , etc ,etc…..GREAT pic again , Effraim !! This section SLLLLLLAMMMMS in 2022 in my opinion…….

  2. What Brett and Rodney said…

    I’ll add only that Haugen was/is one of the BEST mini ramp riders ever… The fastest bar flips, not to mention fakie spine tricks well before they became trendy. Huge 180 whips over a spine, non freecoaster, ain’t nothing to sneeze at.

    Plus. Yup. Flatland too

  3. Thanks, guys! Was so much fun to see this again. This was filmed when I was 15 years old and visiting family in Phoenix over winter break from school. I hooked up with Leif Valin, who introduced me to Ells and this video part was the result.

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