Flatland Manifesto #5 2002

Snakebite BMX are on fire right now with so many great uploads for the past, here’s one that’s worth your time when you have a spare hour to yourself.
Flatland Manifesto 5 featuring an EXPN Invitational contest in Texas, Alanta/Athens scene report, Nathan Penonzek interview, & an Expo Invitational in Alanta. So much good riding in this one!

10 thoughts on “Flatland Manifesto #5 2002

  1. This is probably my favorite FM vid (Euro Sess. being the other) So many good memories from the travel to both Atl and Texas. The WTP Div and Ronin ads were super fun to make. Meeting the legendary AthFam. The Nathan interview turned out better than I could have hoped. And a LOT of the riding still holds up. Thanks for sharing E.

    • The whole manifesto series is a masterpiese and you have to be very prood about that accomplishment Mr.Neville…A huge motivation in early 00s personally for me before my sessions back then.Memories…..

  2. MEMORIES , TIME 7 ………..the day after my 28 birthday ! Hmmmmm…….let’s see ……having a HEATED two man jam circle with Takashi Ito in the hotel parking lot , us exchanging pedal -E squeak entries ! Finally meeting Steven Cerra ! Learning some Japanese words from Akira Okamura , haha. Akira’s prelim run ! BANGING / ORIGINAL and ON EDGE ! Ryoji ” Yanmar ” Yamamoto’s prelim run ! PROGRESSIVE ! Steven Cerra’s finals run ! FLOW , FLOW FLOW !! Ryoji’s ” jumping pirate ” dance , haha……Michael Mc phadden taking photos of himself while doing cliffhanger TURBINES ! Adam Pintek’s KILLING front to back wheel combos ! Meeting Shane Neville , him doing back yards on my bike ! April 26 2002 ! Grand Prarie X-Trials !! SLLLLAMMMMED times !!

  3. Meeting Day Smith , his prelim run …..INTENSE !! Day’s dance moves @ the after party ! Meeting Troy Mcmurray ! Not only was this one of Neville’s most RAD videos .( I REALLY MISS the F.M. series ! ) It’s my second favorite one. Will Redd threw a HUGE jam @ his crew’s session spot an hour after the finals , too ! Thank you , Shane Neville for FLATLAND MANIFESTO and the RONIN dream team ! Jeff Deroche’s prelim run was about 8 YEARS AHEAD of the game also ! ( PURE LEGEND ! ) He rode in the rain in practice and DESTROYED prelims ! His run was almost violent the way he rode through his mind blowing links !!

  4. Nev if you’re reading this, thank you so very much for making these vids. This is one of my fav manifestos of the bunch! Big shout out to my flatland mentor, sensei and family Billy Borys!! The couple clips he had in this vid only captured a minute portion of his flatland skills. He had hiker kick flips on lock before almost anyone else I’ve ever heard of. He was bustin em even before J-Mill ran wide with the trick killin everything, and then Bram jumped on to really push that concept later as well. I’m talkin early 2000s rolling x-foot pedal 5s to whip lashes to pedal steam kick turbine step to either mc.circle or pinky squeeks n shit continued. Links into half packer to backpacker to x foot hitch etc… Turbining wheelchairs and cliffhangers. Hell he had blenders too! All kinds of backwheel lines that would include rolling dumptrucks to doublefooted rooling stick b’s, mega spin and time machine variations, rolling pedal junkyards. Ah shit, the list just goes on and on. And I’m only talking about his “newer school” stuff, as he has a TON of mid school tricks and contest run shit from when he rode for Rigid. The man could also shred mini ramp and street like no one’s business as well. Taught me about wall rides and handrails. The deepest underground riders we got in Canada, are still not as underground as B-dog even if they opened an effing mining company.
    Biggest props to Billy Borys, unsung Canadian flatland legend!!!

    • WHAT ??! BILLY BORYS was your mentor ?! I’ve been a fan since his Rigid days also, him showing up winning Hal Brindley’s Play clothing contest Fall 1998 . That last edit about him on Vimeo …..I really had zero idea about his whole story and was thrilled to hear it from him…..you’re right , BZ ! From what I saw he had a big tricktionary that was ahead of most. BZ , ANY story about him …..please share them on here ! I know that for a fact besides Martti and Andy Menz doing full bar side squeaks Billy had been done had em sewed up .( used those to win that contest with all the other very popular Cobain flips , twitches , transitions. ) He did tricks switch , inside , regular circles , scuffed and rolled on either foot , X-leg , the works ! Tell me more ,BZ…..had no idea your mentor was THAT cat……..

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