7 thoughts on “S2 EP5: The Coronation

  1. His TERRA DOOM alone earns his right to be a PLYWOOD HOOD ! His riding has the most wild , difficult , and progressive, all rolling tricks / variations in the sport . NO handed Jaffa Whips , like MULTIPLES , REAR PEG grab back yard rolls , BAR SPIN -NO handed , too ! Cicman’s riding fits the PLYWOOD HOOD mold perfectly. They’ve always been about original , progressive , ground breaking tricks , links…….isn’t that what Joe’s been doing since like 2017 ??! Proof ??! Check his You Tube channel . One month he uploaded like 20 something ridiculous lines ! The funny things is ( like the Hoods ) he takes it all in with humor , not even serious about how crazy his really riding is ….. I’m not arrogant at all….however if I would of pulled some of his You Tube , A.F.A. Dream Run links……I’d have my chest out like Popeye , haha…..Cicman is the perfect representation of the 2022 version of the PLYWOOD HOODS ! STOKED , TIMES 7 for him ……and CAN’T WAIT for his INDUCTION edit of some of RIDING !!

  2. So stoked for Joe! This was a super complex prank with a lot of people and pieces in motion to make it all work. Honored to be a part of this one. Thanks so much for sharing this E!

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