36 thoughts on “Rider List for X Games Chiba Japan announced!

    • FREESTYLER 118 was SLLLLLAMMMMMED !! Still watching it and will comment later , thank you Giannis , for BUSTING OUT ! I shared that and 116 on my F.B. timeline , hermano ! If there were an OPEN prelim…….no doubt in my mind that YOU would of qualified for Chiba ! FREESTYLER 116 ….PROVES THAT !

      • Gracias amigo but if only you could enter to an open prelim you would destroy them all with your 2 hours combos…. anytime…

        • Thank you , Giannis ! I appreciate the love , bro . Me with the long combos……just trying to finish what Jason Brown , r.i.p. started with his long links the timeless BMX videos that he produced called …..Canadians , Eh 1995 and 5 Combos , 1998 ! Jason , Andrew Arroyo ….two of my main influences to THIS day with their long combos as far back as 1994 ! YOU , cabrone being another HUGE influence being that you not only can do long combos on BOTH wheels……you ALSO have an INFINITE tricktionary , TIMES 7. Damn right , bruv …..I’d be STOKED if they had an open prelim for Chiba ! I’d place LAST with my 1994-1998 riding style , haha….BUT …..I’d just be STOKED to visit Japan , take in the Flatland scene and try and go find session with Genji Hishimora ! ( another rider who did long combos in 1995 ! ) That dude’s links were so long the editor CUT THE LINK OFF , mid line during his video section in the classic Japanese scene video called Wild Side ! Anyway the fact is YOU would have a REALLY good shot in an open prelim ….why ? Giannis you’ve ALWAYS been caught up with the current , progressive , new school , and in the NOW state of Flatland riding because you’ve MASTERD the the whole damn bike , haha….you do EVERYTHING …..tricks , links , variations , rolling , switching , pivots , pedal stuff , turbines , bar flips and twitches , decades , brakeless , X-leg rolling , body varials , bike varials , EVERYTHING ! You’d go out there and literally be PLAYING with your run , deciding on the fly , FREESTYLING all your lines , getting them PULLED ! ( FREESTYLER # 116 ) It wouldn’t be NOTHING to ya ……your 118 ….let me say that …..AGAIN……YOUR 118 EDITS proves my statement ………

          • Freestyler 118 is an absolute destroyer! Giannis is a world champ, how he and other crazy skilled riders aren’t getting sent plane tickets and hotel expenses to go there is insane. Like the x-games just doesn’t have the money? too expensive all of a sudden? or is it a health risk for the public? like everyone’s head would explode from seeing this all go down in one event at one spot! That’s probably the real reason. The clean up would be brutal. FREESTYLER 118 REPRESENT!

          • HUGE THANKS to both you my brothers,Rodney Williams and Brent Zdrill for giving me love for what we share the same passion ,which is bmx flatland…..or freestyle as I prefer to call it.It might sounds easy to give props to a fellow rider who is on the other side of the planet but…is not.People always afraid to speak from their heart and express their feelings but most of all speaking the truth.Flatland is a sensitive subject for all that truth and props part…just look at here on the x games list call…Kio is arguably the best flatlander in the world right now and not because Giannis says that….do a debate and you will see the result….and Kio is not invited to the x games.Thats why I hate contests,thats why I am cursing them all the time.The whole contest system is corrupted and it brings flatland to the lowest level…its been 20 years since flatland is off x games,noone wonders why??WE DONT GIVE RESPECT TO THE BEST FLATLANDERS…..thats why…..Go to the hell x games.Flatland deserves better than these crap…

  1. Interesting. Flatland shouldn’t have been removed from the X-Games in the first place, and 20 years later it comes back, but with only 8 riders? There are plenty of amazing riders off of this list, including the BMX Flatland Rider of the Year. Kio, Katagiris, Morizaki, Musselwhite, Bonnecuelle, Dominik, Yo, just to name a few. :/ And no one representing South America 🙁
    Anyway, happy to see the sport coming back, the more event around the globe, the better. Hopefully, it’s to stay.

  2. I was really hoping they’d invite at least say, 15 riders . Have a nail biting prelim , haha. THEN a HEATED 4 man battle like @ the last Flatland Voodoo Jam , 2019 ! I’d very , very , VERY ….honestly say that Kio Hawakawa , Toon , Simon Obrien ( he IS the defending GOLD medalist , 2003 ! ) , Pete Brandt , Ryu Katagiri ( F.I.S.E. winner in Hiroshima , 2019 ! ) Kio Hawakawa ( OBVIOUSLY , DUUUUUHH !! ) and if I’m being honest ………118 EDITS , AND if you actually peep game on UNDERGROUND hard to the freaking CORE Flatland riding …..then ya’ll would of seen GIANNIS CATERNELLIS , his FREESTYLER 116 # edit where he’s literally knocking down line after line after line after line after line for like over 15 minutes ……ZERO editing , cut and paste …..all RAW footage . Ya REALLY think that he could be consistent or a 3 minute run ?? Hahaha ! He has like 1,000 tricks , links to choose from also that are contest ready and could hang and bang ! However ……I am STOKED about THIS and maybe eight were chosen for a HEATED prelim and final ?? All I know is that hmmmmmmm…….Terry’s DAILY garage lines are SLLLLLAMMMED with hammer style technicality that could EASILY win and Viki’s last 2 edits and that JEEP REAL GAMES video entry ……..BANG, POW, WHABAM ,!! Hahaha…. I am STOKED ,TIMES 7 and really can’t wait to see this ! So , so dope that FLATLAND is back in . THIS is a WIN for the sport ……

    • KING RODNEY…..YOU have the best taste in flatland….period.Hehe..Sooooo happy that you loved Freestyler 118…I will keep them coming to give joy to the REAL flatlanders like YOU my brother….thank you from the deep of my heart…

      • The BMX KING of Greece , you’re very welcome ! FREESTYLER # 118 was so much to take in . Like I always go on about ….you’ve got VARIETY and your trick bag know no limits ! ( even DAMN….KICK FLIPS ! , how many are doing those ….today ??! ) I’m STOKED you’re keeping em coming because I get AMMMMPED whenever you drop another one . In my honest opinion your FREESTYLER series is like when Chris Woodling dropped his Bedroom BMX edits , Andy Ross ( Oklahoma legend rider ! ) dropping his weekly video clips , and Akihiko Takahashi dropping his weekly edits back in 2010 , Yoshiki ” Buddha ” , ” Hoteke ” Uchino. dropping his weekly edits in 2013 , etc , etc ….they’re all for the riders who respect , seek underground hardcore riding that you would really have to have a trained eye , mentality about ALL of Flatland to appreciate their riding ………YOU , campeon are LEGEND and your 118 EDITS cannot be overlooked , denied , or ” swept ” under the rug ……VIDEO doesn’t lie . Cats really NEED to “peep game ” on your Flatland legacy ………

        • For the record,these links on Freestyler 118 are from 4 years ago,back 2018…it just happened to match 18 with 18!!aha!Gracias again hermano for expressing your joy for my riding…soooooo motivated right now….I want to make a 2 hour video pulling nonstop everything back to back without touches…wish me good luck cabrone…..

        • that’s no surprise but Giannis you’re just amazing, i am sooo hyped with what I saw once again coming from you in that vid!! Mad respect to you, thank you for sharing your art that way!!!

          • and I understood comps are not what you prefer the most in flatland but I tell you anyway in case you did not get the news: Joris B and his team are organizing a contest in France the weekend of the 16th and 17th of april. It really sounds like it’s gonna have a great chill and kind of family vibe, many european riders are annonced too, and I did not see any greek yet 😉

          • Wow thanks brother for watching and liking…yeah I have a lot of stuff filmed around that time 2018 and 2019….one time I counted 700 combos like these on edit 118…it would be a real pain to upload them though….I need to make 100 new freestyler edits to show all those!!ahah!!will give my best….cheers for the announcement of Joris event,I love his style a lot and I love France so much,its a flatland country the mecca of flat for me….I’ve been 2 times in the past and I had the time of my life!!good times….thank you sooooo much for sharing my last edit to the community,means a lot when flatlanders sharing each other love in these hard times we are living…..thank you too brother Brent for the bagged salad joke!!hehe!…I love bagged salads!!Alanah!Merci beaucoup!!

          • Thank you for sharing Giannis’s #118 edit , R ! It really needs to be seen . 2108 and as BZ stated it really IS fresher than a bagged salad ! I didn’t know it was from 2018…….THAT alone impresses me even more ! It’s so rad cats like Giannis , O.G. Marton , Akihiko Takahasi , Will Redd , etc…..all these riders are just steadily progressing , killing the game “almost under the radar “at times . They’re out here , being seen …….but almost a lil bit underground ! Just as hardcore as the cats in the constant spotlight . I love BOTH types of Flatlanders though ! The Michael Jordans and the Earl Mannigoats …..if ya catch my drift cause , they BOTH rule and are pushing the sport relentlessly in their own rights . Giannis is like the Gate keeper to hardcore , progressive , underground , original Flatland riding. Family life , business owner / runner …….and STILL progressing , pushing as if he had sponsor , social media , and advertising obligations ….just pushing HARD whenevr it’s time to hang and bang at his multiple session spots…….loving that ! It’s an inspiration to us all . ……

  3. I also REALLY hope that someone not only gets footage of the contest but also gets practice sessions , jams and the overall perspective from a rider’s point of view . CHAD JOHNSTON NEEDS to DO THIS !! I wanna see as much T.V. , CHAD JOHNSTON FILMING and ANY /ALL video coverage of this contest as much as my brain can handle , haha…..TOTAL Chiba X-Games visual OVERLOAD !!

  4. Of course only 8 is not enough, but we’re back in the X Games. It’s a start. Let’s have some respect for the people who made those rider choices. It must have been so hard to choose only 8 riders with only 2 Japanese riders! Of course even those people wanted more than 8, but it is what it is. Our foot is back in the door.

    • Thank you for keeping this is in this context. It is easy to get angry and talk smack about it. Could it be a different battle? Sure. But this battle will be sick.

      I think everyone should write out who they think is gonna win now and we announce them after the contest.

        • same for Dominik Nekolny (!!!), or Sietse Van Berkel, or Hiro Morisaki, or Yu Katagiri… the list goes on. And “equality” in term of present nationality might be a key on the line up choice too

      • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! Morgan Peckosh and Pete Olsen THIS is VERY funny . I didn’t quite get the Wayne’s World video clip from Pete Olsen at first……..NOW after your comment , I get it now . HAHAHAHA ! Maybe Pete and you , Morgan have a DO have a point ! Giannis , Brent and myself DO boost each other up a lot , ALWAYS rooting for one another’s riding . ALWAYS being STOKED when one of us uploads , shares something new that we worked so damn hard on . Not to mention commenting back and forth and back and forth on this site . Thing is …….were all being sincere , positive and encouraging …..trying to push each other’s riding . Isn’t THAT what this site is ALL ABOUT ???!! I’m STOKED on Gianni’s riding ! WHO wouldn’t be ??! Honestly …..I mean OVER 118 EDITS of just about EVERY time era of Flatland with COUNTLESS tricks , links…..even WITH ORIGINAL twists on all of them . The dude has a FAMILY , runs a BUSINESS , overcame major SURGERY , INJURY …..and he’s STILL progressing , pushing like he’s freaking 25 years old with ZERO responsibilities with superb health . Isn’t that like WHO most Flatlanders respect , admire ?? A dude who is hardcore …..all about the progression , riding …

        • My brother…..i am soooo touched by every single word you typed here on that comment…..you are on point on everything and you know what?…you are totally right…the goal is to keep positive in a negative world we live those days and to encourage each other to keep on that progressive path in flatland,whatever you choose to be….and yeah this is what this site is all about,Effraim couldnt agree more on that i feel….The truth is hermano,i have 2 jobs in order to live my family,the air conditioning business and at nights i work in the recycle unit of the municipality i live….but i still find time to ride flatland in the name of progression and i pretty much do….i ride 3 to 4 hours,everyday…..i learn new tricks and links on a daily basis and my habbit is to make edits with these tricks and sharing them with all of you flatland folks out there…..and when i get positive feedback by riders like YOU amigo who are also flatland lifers and also struggling to make a living like me,thats the best feeling of all time….it feels like someone understands the purpose of my existence on internet because all i want to do is to inspire others to be creative and to keep on going on their purposes…..you KING RODNEY are kind,honest,with a big heart that spreads love and happiness to everyone here on flatmatters….i dont expect from everyone to understand that…b ut….what i expect from everyone is to SHOW you RESPECT cause you are doing something that a lot of people afraid to do and that is to express themselfs and open their heart and give plaudits to a fellow rider on the other side of the planet…..so simple but yet so brave…thank you for being YOU my brother RODNEY WILLIAMS….you are my HERO…God bless you always……

          • TIMES 7 , cabrone ! I’m just being honest about your riding …..I mean for PLYWOOD HOODS sake since the first 46 damn edits I could totally see and get just WHAT you were going for . As Scott Powell called it MASTERING THE BIKE . Learn , dial , experiment and do EVERYTHING . From freaking BLENDERS to CHERRY-B -HOPS to KICK FLIPS to BRAKELESS DECADES …..and the list goes on and on . I’ve been a fan of the PLYWOOD HOODS since 1989 …..so I got where your riding was coming from ….PRONTO !! I’m not with the whole ” cool guy ” , don’t really wanna give up the due respect , type bullsh-t ……if ANY rider is SLLLLAMMMMING DOWN some serious skill . Check your own ego @ the door and show that rider support / love that they have EARNED . If that comes across as ” too much ” …..well I’m not gonna “play it cool ” . Flatland to me is NOT that ! It’s honest , raw , and real . Thank you , Giannis for pushing the sport just for the sake of pushing the sport and your own limits , personal progression in your process . I personally think the core riders see AND really respect that . Damn TWO jobs , STILL progressing EVERY day , FAMILY life , too ? See man…..THAT makes your progression edits hold that much more weight . Giannis , JESUS bless you , your family also , hermano . To me cats like YOU , Matthieu , Manos , Sakis , Viki , Powell , Takuzi , Maolani , and so many more are pushing so hard and keeping Flatland creative , high level and just rad as hell …….can’t forget Kio , his brothers too ! I’m NO saint , Giannis but I try to be a decent person , respect people …..even when I get sh-t on …..over and over and over and over ……and over , haha…anyway , love ya G ! KEEP the series going and I’m so STOKED for this site ! ( EFFRAIM ! ) Cause that’s how I found out about one of the sport’s most SKILLED riders……GIANNIS CATERNELLIS , BMX KING of Greece and beyond………

      • and Brent Zdrill ……dude has also has a FAMILY , a 9 to 5 , took YEARS OFF from riding ……came RIGHT BACK ….and is progressing , learning and pushing his riding just like Giannis is ! Check Brent Zdrill’s You Tube channel , it’s dope ! Pete Olsen , you KNOW I respect , love your riding also . I’ve expressed that , shared it on social media . Morgan Peckosh , I look forward to seeing your riding , also ! I know I can be a lil ” TOO AGGRO ” when I’m STOKED on a rider’s combos , tricks ……that’s just the way I’ve always been , campeon . There’s STILL so much stuff I see in Flatland old , mid , new and NOW school that just seriously bugs me out . I’m not the most tricktionaried cat out here on a bike…..99.99999 % of what I see LOADS of riders doing …..I CAN’T do ! Hahaha…..so when it’s some hard , original , ESPECIALLY technical and HAMMER style stuff…..I get STOKED , TIMES 7 on it . Being like this is actually a GOOD thing ….as it motivates and pushes , even helps me ” trick ” my brain into helping me further push my own 1994-1998 riding style . HAHA…..cheers , Pete Olsen , Morgan Peckosh ! Hope to session with BOTH of you in person one day and I look forward to you guys posting some more of ya’lls riding on this site and the net in general ! Pete Olsen ……..that brakeless , repeated rolling over taker , death truck combo was one of the MOST mental and SLLLLLAMMMMMED lines to ever be done in Flatland …..hence my term the NOW school of progression !

        • You can find me in Moments or on you tube Morgan and Ramirez flatland express. Im on the white bike. Not much of video taper.

          Respect too all, still, get a room!

          BTW Rodney one time you commented that you want to learn multiple whiplash. As you can steamroller on right foot you have the power. Try to learn them clockwise.

          • Morgan bro, that flatland express edit is totally hype! You guys got a rad lookin spot and had a real chill back n forth jam sesh kinda vibe goin on. Sick mix of rollin and scuffin/foot work. Lets wait n see what the x games bring us. By the way, have you peeped freestyler 118 yet? Lol, fun times on the interwebs.

          • Morgan Peckosh , VERY rad cross steam , pivot / flip to half packer and stick-stubble duck exit . Multiple whiplashes , haha ! Hmmm….we’ll see …currently focusing on mixing some of my harder switches , bar flips into my long combos . There’s a 2 hour combo of mine on Jim McKay’s You Tube channel . It’s on this site as well . ( mad RESPECT to JASON BROWN , r.i.p. for my early influence on very long combos ! ) As far as Giannis and I ” getting a room ” , hahaha ..well the fact Giannis has about 7,000 MORE tricks , links , and variations than YOU and ME put together . ( FACT , CHECK HIS 118 EDITS FOR …..PROOF . ) Maybe we should BOTH chip in on ” getting a room ” , hahahaa….maybe in the ” morning ” we BOTH will arise to face the Flatland session with A WHOLE LOT MORE , TIMES 7 skills …..than we BOTH had the night before we ” got that room ” , haha….look around , Morgan ….really LOOK AROUND …….yes there’s a hand full of riders who posses as much DEPTH in their riding as Giannis……BUT…….NOT THAT MANY , huh campeon ??!!

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