Matthias Dandois: La Bastille V2 Frame

After a week or so off updating the site, it’s time to get back to it and catch up with some updates from across the globe. Starting off with this solid street edit from Matthias Dandois for his new Haro La Bastille V2, hit play and enjoy watching Matthias kill it on the streets!

3 thoughts on “Matthias Dandois: La Bastille V2 Frame

  1. This is SO dope . Eye candy combinations of STYLISH Flat / Street riding ,synched randomly ! Matthias is really on his own BMX level…….he can drop something like THIS , casually cruising around the streets . ( more like an EDIT than a promo , it’s THAT good ! ) Then @ the flash of light ……drop an edit of his newest lines , tricks in a PROGRESSIVE Flatland edit like …Off The Grid , Flat Side Of Things , etc . Not to mention smoke everyone @ a HEAVY contest like the U.C.I. World Championships . Even HEAVY online comps……A.F.A. , U.F.L. , damn near ANYTHING this cats puts pedals to he can WIN , progress and PODIUM finish ……since freaking 2005 , haha. Hell ……..he might even dominate in Chiba ! The wild thing to me is ( I’ve watched him closely @ Flatland Voodoo Jams 2015 , 2017 , 2019 . ) during HEATED contest runs ….his face , demeanor , and vibe is totally ” at play ” . NOT serious , or sweating any of it . Totally enjoying , having fun during EVERY second during a crazy FAST , technical HAMMER combo . Cool , approachable guy also ……..his section in Props 76 video magazine , 2010…..that’s just an example of links , tricks that he’s done , moved on from that are set in stone as some of the most hardcore combos filmed in Flatland………go find and watch that section . Haro picking him up was a VERY intelligent decision , when they did years ago………

    • Unparalleled competitor, he is doing the flat world things that hasn’t been done. I’m an old-school rider that would say the level of his progression kinda reminds me the dominance of Trevor Meyer.

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