Chase Gouin – Dorkin 10

Continuing on with our throwback theme today, and we have Chase Gouin’s inspirational section from Dorkin’ 10! Combine Mark Eaton’s amazing dj and editing skills with Chase’s amazing riding skills and you have one of those sections that you can go back to year in year out and it still hits the spot! Pure gold from the Plywood Hoods!

30 thoughts on “Chase Gouin – Dorkin 10

  1. I don’t think Chase needed Kevin’s help…lol .. The first time I saw him ride in 1990 I already thought he was better than anyone I had seen. I still feel that for the most part in today’s world.

        • Was this directed at me? Or Scott? the whole thing is kinda mixed together..If it’s about me.. I ride maybe 2 hours a week sometimes four– the only thing I’m pushing is my hernia deeper into my scrotum… hahahahahahahahah If it’s for Scott you guys have at it..

  2. Every time I’d watch a Dorkin vid back in the day, I’d almost always end up having to explain why some dude is riding in his underwear to folks walking into the room mid-Chase section, and that we all didn’t do that (at least sober). And then he goes and progresses even that aspect of his riding with his commando whiplashes in Glote. Dude was SERIOUS in taking it to the next level… lol.

  3. Chase Gouin is my second favorite rider of all time, Kevin Jones is number 1. I remember talking to Kevin around1988 he told me he had pulled 3 multi no brake whiplashes in a row.

  4. During the 90’s and early 2000’s….Chase was the best flatlander on the planet. No one has yet touched his rolaid skills. I didn’t mean to come off rude in my prior posts. I am a bit of an a hole at times. Adam…my reference was in bad taste. I see you praise a rider and go so far as to say they should have been nominated for flatlander of the year yet they don’t do one original trick. It amazes me that riders would go so far to copy or emulate another riders tricks without doing a variation or something else all together. It’s cool and sporty but at the end of the day I think more emphasis and accolades should be given to riders that create or invent the tricks others copy. I don’t want to upset anyone and this is just an opinion. It is my truth and you are certainly expected to have your own.

    • Dude you have no idea what you are talking about, I suggest you seek help for your alcoholism.And maybe try learning more than an xfooted half packer, which by the way buddy you didn’t create.

      • I helped influence my fair share of riders and flatland in general which is more than anyone will say about you. You went pretty low there buddy.

          • If I heard you had a problem or someone thought you did, I would never bring that up on a public forum….especially if I didn’t know them personally. Moreover, I haven’t hung out with any flatlanders other than Pete B and Matt G in over 2 years. For you to bring up alcoholism like you did, as a weapon to make yourself more valid is down right shameful and you sir can stay the hell away from me through the Internet or otherwise.

  5. After Chase I think Ross Smith had great rolaid skills. Chase decades skills is the best I ever seen. John Yull is kicking butt at decades also

  6. To me, Chase is in the TOP 5 to ever do it period , hes innovated / created AND pushed SO much done on a bike its disturbing , in a GOOD way ! He stayed at Eben Krakaus , vert / tech mini ramp / street legend , who lives here in S.A. way back in 1992 for Thanks Giving . My friend Eddie and I BEGGED his mum to drive us allllllll the way across to Ebens side of town to ride with him /Chase that night ……………………..1.12 a.m. in the cold in an H.E.B parking lot we all sat there and watched Chase to bar flip side yards to ONE kick half packers , BACKWARDS decades to left cross gerators , X-LEG whiplashes to wheelchairs to elephant whips , back packer jugglers , ALL of this and more was pulled MID-COMBO , he was literally just freestyling with whatever came to mind OR what I would call out / request ………..WHILE he was RIDING …………….THATS ONLY a small bit of the story !!

  7. If we consider a timeline and what level they were at or how far more skilled they were when compared to the riders of that day….I certainly agree. I would go so far as to say in his prime he was hands down the best. My point way earlier, which became a sideshow, is that riding, just like most any other spart, has progressed. Things have evolved and flatland is no different. Do I like eighties music? Sure I do. But I like new music too. We have to realize the Kids start out with higher level tricks right from the get go thanks to people like Kevin and Chase. Kids are getting better, faster with harder tricks….we see it everyday on this media outlet. You can admit it or not, it’s your choice to think what and how you want. Point is flatland is changing and you can push yourself to change with it or stay right where you are. Either way both can be hell and both can be fun.

    • Well I suppose it doesn’t….but, why post videos? Why go to jams? Why go to contests or enter them? If we were all only interested in self gratification that could be obtained within our own confines no one would know anything about it in the first place. In conclusion….the reason for controversy and comparison may very well be a human condition or flaw called ego. That’s all I got. Have a great evening!

  8. Nice that Chase represented Canada then as Dub is representing it now. Different generations. Different styles. Different tricks. Man I love this sport.

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