Carhartt Jam 2003

The Carhartt jams that went down at the Jugendpark in Cologne, Germany are widely regarded amongst many pros I have talked to over the years as one of the most memorable contests! Lets go back to 2003, and this sick edit featuring Martti Kuoppa, Viki Gomez, Frank Lukas, Ryoji Yamamoto, Michael Sommer, Matti Röse, and Phil Dolan.

9 thoughts on “Carhartt Jam 2003

  1. The edits from this contest blew me away back then with the level of riding from everyone, and the diversity of styles represented! The years that Yammer was on his Dragonfly Motion frame were probably my favorite time period for flat contests, culminating in his winning of the 2nd Circle of Balance comp. It feels like that was the point that rider styles started converging and becoming more and more similar looking as more folks went brakeless.

  2. I don’t know….I know what you’re saying but I think there was still a lot of uniqueness among the brakeless riders….I didn’t start seeing the the excessive emulation until Matthias broke out with his riding style around 2007-8.

    • Yeah, there was definitely more variety among the brakeless riders back then (you included, man! Always been a fan of your stuff). Matthias coming up started a big turning point in how folks started approaching brakeless riding. Nowadays you can barely find an edit that won’t have a cloned steam to crackpacker (or tomahawk jump) line or multiple time machines in it.

    • Definitely no arguing that… flat is insane right now and I love everything going on with it. I feel like there’s sometimes just a bit of repetitiveness among contest runs specifically nowadays, but even with that, the level of flat overall is the best it’s ever been hands down, and I still enjoy watching current contest footage. The originality is still there, but it seems more subtle now because there seems to be standardized setups that a lot of folks are using to get to the unique parts of their contest runs. The size of contest areas nowadays might also have something to do with that, as they’re generally smaller and more suited to circlular lines than long, straight combos.

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