Throwback Thursdays – Martti Kuoppa / inTRIKat Infinite Pieces

So as a lil’ change from the normal one post TBT ad done, I wanted to feature a few throwback videos today beginning with Martti Kuoppa’s ender section from the classic Intrikat Pieces video by Chad Johnston. 16 years on this section still hits hard and the xft spinning pedal gerator switch to blender at 1:35 to my knowledge has yet to be done again, amazing!

5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – Martti Kuoppa / inTRIKat Infinite Pieces

  1. I remember seeing this and realizing that so much more was possible. To me….Martti invented the most impossible bangers ever done on a bmx bike. I can’t even count how many of his tricks are either emulated by one or none.

  2. Frost , REMEMBER his one handed steam jump over frame to side packer ??? The Ground Tactics video of his where he meditating / praying in the dark and there a cello playing for the music , it came out in late 2011 , he pressure / kick flipped into the side packer . BIG E , do you remember this video ?? Its NOT on his youtube channel anymore , haven’t seen him do that move again , he was riding a Mankind frame , its the video RIGHT after he broke his other K.G.B. frame in half cause he was riding / filming so MUCH ! LOVING THIS section too , of course !!

  3. Youre VERY close BIG E , buuuuuuut it was that one video , probably the shortest one where he didn’t whisper / talk at all , he just kneeling / meditating in the dark , a candle is lit ,and a cello is playing , then…………..BOOM he does one trick , THEN nails the pressure flip line ! When he RE-UPLOADED all his Ground Tactic videos back in early Spring 2011 on his youtube channel that was the ONLY video that he DIDNT RE-UPLOAD !! HAHAHA !! Bummed about that !!

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