Chicago BS Finals 1994

Chicago BS Finals 1994 from Adam Guild on Vimeo.

Pure gold from the flatland archives today courtesy of Adam Guild. Amazing footage from the Chicago BS Finals back in 1994, featuring Chad Degroot, Andrew Arroyo, Day Smith, Brian Tunney, Trevor Meyer, Nate Hansen, Sean Peters, Jason Brown R.I.P, Paul Palmer R.I.P, Matt Gibson, Paul Osicka, Steve Roy, Sean McKinney, Dylan Worsley (infamous for dropping the pedal switches at this contest!) and many more, this is well worth sitting down with your beverage of choice and taking a trip down memory lane. What a killer contest, thanks Adam for the upload!

18 thoughts on “Chicago BS Finals 1994

  1. A bunch of greats at that contest are gone. Jason Brown, Paul Palmer, Colin Winkleman, Dave Mirra, Shawn Burnham..Scary when you think about it. Time is short ,ride on.

    • Crikey, I never even thought of it that deeply. That is really sad also Adam, a generation of heroes gone. These videos are so important, to archive the history of flatland and BMX in general.

  2. This was such a great contest. The styles and personalities were so much more distinctive and original in that era. The internet has really homogenized riding in general.

    • Video is crazy (but could be “better” with less crowd sounds masked by the musics 🙂 ). I am still in awe with the style of Day Smith and Nate Hanson

      I’m almost 40, got really introduced to bmx in the early 90 when it collapsed, still not tired to have a graveyard sprocket and suzue hub on my bike, and so so pleased to watch riding of the 90’s, but I completely disagree with your statement, pure example of “before was better” idea, all respect due, I know who you are 🙂
      An oldschool head will say that the widest diversity of (almost only hoping) coolest ever flatland tricks can be seen on let’s say the 101 Freestyle Tricks video, and what come after is less interesting tricks wise.
      What internet brought also is the instant footage, we can see many many moves of riders from all the planet daily, no more photos of magazines alternated with rare contests seen irl or on vhs, that changes everything, we are blasé and biazed I would say

      • Make your own video . I don’t really care what you think. hahahahahahaha.. Better yet post a video of yourself so we can all critique it.

        • I repeat : video is crazy,
          and thank you for sharing that footage (among many other gems you produce), I know that takes time.
          Too bad you did not see my point 🙁

  3. It’s crazy …you must have been sitting right next to me when u filmed this…..all my footy from this back in the day was the same angle.

  4. Great footage. I agree that personalities were different, definitely to a point,& depending on numerous individuals. What’s positive about the net, is it’s made us connected etc, but somewhat disconnected, amongst other things.

  5. Is this not the year of Scott Powell and Sean Mckinney beef? All those standards and standard shirts. When Krt Schmidt threw up before his mini ramp run. I have footage of Osicka in 93 and he made such a huge jump riding wise. Steve Roy was so rad. And Paul Palmer and Val and Sean and Trey were a sick crew. I remember Paul saying jenkies, like the girl from Scooby Doo. Also no offense to Chicago lords Osicka Gully Hiro Monis but how did Wilhelm start spinning so much when those dudes are scuffaholics?

    • Yes…east coast/West coast horseshit. Dumbest moment in flatland ever. Long since squashed still tho Scott was in the right. Scrap comps were always amazing. A real gathering of the tribes. The following year at the play comp a few guys from our crew managed to go into McDonald’s and literally steal every single ball out of the jungle Jim’s ball pit in their baggy zip waist jackets…..they took them to the park and a gnarly ball fight ensued. Ruled.

  6. Dude that was me that stole all the balls from mcdonalds. And we threw them when ice moneys run started or ended. And canadian riders stealing a cop car.

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