9 thoughts on “Chris Böhm and Oliver Müller – “Go Pro Hero 3” Test

  1. Riding is his work? Good for him on so many levels! Great riding spot, great riding, and a great job.

    I’ll envy him even more at 6:00 am tomorrow when I have to clean 3 feet of snow of my car, warm it up, drive 30 minutes, and sit in meetings all day:)

  2. Exactly I live in the apartment, back it goes on … yes there is a bedroom and bath! In addition, there is my little office, where I do invoices, videos, sponsorship or new shows fit. By 8×8 meter large area, it is perfect for new shows to practice or learn new combos.
    I live 100% from cycling and by the way I’m still 2 times a week in the hospital, and now there to bring the kids to bed, or in the afternoon I train with the BMX that they feel their body and for the first time in their lives, success Meet. I hope you could make happy with this letter you are happy to welcome;), if you ever in Basel – Switzerland are!

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