Classic Monday’s: Stephen Hearn – Create 2006

It’s been a few weeks since I dropped a Classic Monday’s feature, and when Jody Temple sent in this Stephen Hearn “Create” video part from 2006. It was immediately my thought to save this for a “Classic Monday”, if you missed this one the first time round when it dropped, you are in for a treat.
This part is so good, 14 years on this part still holds strong to this day. Literally everything he does is amazing, if I had to pick a standout its the x-ft half hiker pivot backwards halfpacker to left/right side backwards backpacker to right side backwards halfpacker to backwards crack at 2:09!
Like I said everything in this part hits hard, no filler at all!

Stephen Hearn take a bow, I hear this was all filmed in an hour! Incredible….

7 thoughts on “Classic Monday’s: Stephen Hearn – Create 2006

  1. One of the best video parts ever imo… In 2006 around 5 Greeks we ordered Create along with diversion 5,flatsphere,video name and a couple of other dvds and from the first viewing of Stephans part I didn’t realize how Hard his links was until I tried to pull those… I’ve said it before, Stephan was 20 years old in this part and filmed it in 1 hour. Go figure…

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