2 thoughts on “Cn Ym: Some pedal tricks 2020

  1. This guys so rad. Love it when his edits come up. The mans on a mission, like working towards that Leo Clara level of pedal shredding smooth madness. Very fluid and easy to watch style. Not saying the riding is easy to do of course! Thanks to all for putting this out. I find it’s hard enough to get the time in to ride, let alone sacrifice that time to film, edit and upload footage.

  2. 235 % agreed with B.Z. ! This dude rips HARD @ all these pedal weapon lines ! I just can’t see HOW he just locks into these positions and holds them so effortlessly . Thing is , I noticed he’s not even nosed out that much at all , to get the sweet spot of the balance points ! I struggle , and have been for YEEEAARRS while just scuffing pedal tricks , haha ! He’s friggin ROLLING them super controlled , ZERO sketch , at a slow pace ! I do the bull town boogie just rolling a basic crack packer or steam roller , if I end up rolling at a slow pace , haha……meaning I get sketchy , jerky and ugly styled ! I ‘ll say it AGAIN ……THIS site is how I found out about THIS cat ,and other SLLLAAAMMMED riders doing remarkable things on their bike ! Cn Ym is a RIPPER for sure . Those can-can pedal nose manuals just kill me , how SMOOOOOOOOTH he has em ……EVEN rolling backwards ! I love this kind of style ……PEDAL ROLLING HAMMERS for the WIN , WIN , WIN , WIN in 2021 ! I ‘ll be checking his channel FULL STOP from here on out ………

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