2 thoughts on “Brian Tunney: December 2020 Clips

  1. Those butter slip / around the bar pinky switches , reminds me of Jason Brown R.I.P. , his bar spins , undertakers / rope lines ……..everything RULED ! Ya never know just what kind of freestyled goodness that you’re going to get on Tunney’s edits ! That’s what I dig about every one of em . You see what years of Brian shredding gets him………a vast bag of moves / lines that he can choose from ! The scooter undertaker ?! DOPE !! I’m STILL watching edits from Tunney from 2006-2007 on YouTube , haha. He’s done ALOT of stuff on that bike , TIMES 7……riding to my favorite tune by George Michael , too !! This was a perfect package to me ,the riding / song choice !!

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